RingCentral Connect makes it easy for you to send & manage all your faxes by integrating Salesforce CRM with RingCentral Fax. Our product aims to streamline and quicken the communication cycle with your customers/accounts and internally between teams.


Why integrate the two platforms?

Integrating RingCentral Fax and Salesforce helps businesses optimize their communication network by facilitating fax sending with a single click through Salesforce.  Businesses can easily track progress and monitor the status of the documents sent via Salesforce CRM to RingCentral Fax.  

The integration makes the following possible- 

  1. Easy previewing of the document or fax before being sent. 
  2. Automatic assignment of documents sent to the users by mapping them to their fax numbers. 
  3. Ability to track historical data of documents, faxes and attachments, both incoming and outgoing as per user. 
  4. Shortening of the communication cycle and ease of sending crucial documents with delay. 

This integrated solution is flexible and can cater to businesses of varying sizes across niches.


And more!

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Ease of Sending Fax with Mapped Field

RingCentral Connect

AppShark’s RingCentral Connect maps the fax field of the user from Salesforce CRM to send a fax without hassle.

Preview Attachments Before Sending

RingCentral Connect

AppShark’s RingCentral Connect can let users preview the document before sending.

View Fax Send History As Per User

RingCentral Connect

View the historical data of documents and attachments sent in a single view.

View all the Fax Sent

RingCentral Fax Connect

AppShark’s RingCentral Connect allows the viewing of all outgoing and incoming faxes on the Fax Logs Tab.

Certified Salesforce Integration Consultants – Just A Call Away

AppShark is a Gold level certified Salesforce partner with more than a decade of experience in Salesforce Implementation, Consulting, and Development. AppShark has garnered deep expertise spanning various niches providing all-round services from beginning from consultation to support. Whether you require support for a RingCentral and Salesforce integration, or are seeking expert help on how to integrate Salesforce with other platforms such as Quickbooks or MailChimp, our team of Salesforce partners are ready to provide assistance.


Interested in our Offering?

Are you a growing business with a vision of transitioning into the fast-track of growth?

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