How Salesforce Can Help Media Companies Increase Ad Revenue?

Published on
March 12, 2020

Digital has transformed the advertising industry. The changes in the industry have also brought with itself a plethora of opportunities for the advertisers and publishers. Advertising companies need to rethink their business strategy, models and processes to lead in the digital media space. With high volatility, increased competition and shortening client-agency relationship tenure, businesses need to step up on client centric engagement and satisfaction. A Salesforce CRM can go a long way in helping media ad companies achieve that and more!

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Why a Salesforce CRM For Media Networks to increase ad revenue?

To understand why a Salesforce CRM perfectly fits the bill, let’s take a quick look at some of the key challenges agencies face while managing their ad operations-

  • Juggling ad-hoc client requests
  • Coordinating within a cross-functional team
  • Ensuring real-time communications
  • Inefficient process flows
  • No clear visibility on the operations
  • On-time service delivery
  • Ability to prospect quality leads

The good news is, a Salesforce CRM can be a one-stop solution to all the challenges your company faces and more! A Salesforce CRM software can help you with-

  • Equipping Your Sales Team With Powerful Sales Tools
  • Leverage AI to weave intelligence into your operations
  • Automate routine tasks
  • Get a 360-degree view of the project
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Enable real-time communication across sales, operations, and installation teams.
  • Optimize your workflows.
  • Provide access to data to the on-the-road staff

Salesforce CRM helps media ad companies in acquiring quick capabilities that can accelerate their processes, enables the sales team to sell more and faster, drive the productivity of the staff and enhance client satisfaction with features and tools such as-

1. Salesforce CPQ (configure, price, quote)- Inaccurate quotes can lead to frustrated customers and loss of revenue. The Salesforce CPQ can help you streamline your quoting process and help you generate accurate quotes faster. It can streamline all the elements in the quoting process including pricing, discounting, and approvals. It can handle complex pricing and discounting rules, and help your team generate quotes in no time.

2. Salesforce Audience Studio- Salesforce Audience Studio is a powerful data management platform, that provides actionable insights from data captured from various touchpoints. It can help you in unifying your data from disparate sources to create engaging customer journeys.

3. Salesforce Marketing Cloud- It leverages AI, Google Analytics 360 and has many products like Journey Builder, Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Social Studio, etc., that can help you to-

    • Get a 360-degree view of the customer
    • Personalize customer engagement
    • Gain deep insights

4. Salesforce Service Cloud- It helps you build a world-class customer support team and build better relationships with your customers by-

    • Make your customer support accessible on multiple channels including phone, online, and chat, etc.
    • Quick issue resolution by helping agents with quick access to information and productivity tools
    • Self-help platforms to help clients find answers themselves.

5. Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL)- It is a complete solution for your installers and other on-the-road staff. It can help you with-

    • AI-enabled scheduling
    • Create and manage work orders
    • Provides your staff access to job schedules, knowledge articles, and more with or without the internet.
    • Mobile app to provide your installers with exactly what it needs to complete the job

6. Salesforce Community Cloud- Community Cloud is designed to connect and enable communication among an organization's employees and customers. It has facilities for chat and screen sharing to help your employees use the platform for various workplace interactions, including troubleshooting, help desk communications as well as collaboration among geographically dispersed teams.

7. Salesforce Einstein- Completely AI-driven, Einstein can be a smart assistant to your CRM and help you use your data to gain deep insights, predict outcomes and automate workflows to run highly optimized operations.

8. Salesforce Apps- The Salesforce AppExchange has a good collection of plug-n-play apps and solutions to complement the Salesforce CRM and further enhance its capabilities. There are many prebuilt apps available that can provide quick solutions to your business-specific needs.

A Salesforce CRM can not only help you align your ad operations with the new-age digital world and manage the entire ad life cycle from one platform but also help you deliver higher client satisfaction by organizing your data in one place, helping you harness your data to drive your work quality and productivity.

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