Published on
July 2, 2024

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AppShark's AI-Driven CPQ Automation Simplifies Revenue Lifecycle Management

Today, handling multiple lines of business would be challenging for any organization. If you are one among them, this blog is for you. Managing intricate product configurations, maintaining accurate pricing and discounts, and avoiding manual errors and outdated information are common struggles. Additionally, delays in quote generation and missed cross-sell and upsell opportunities can hinder your sales team's performance.

Addressing these sales challenges, this blog shows you how to overcome them by implementing AppShark’s CPQ best practices, building an efficient revenue lifecycle management system, and introducing AI-driven revenue forecasting.

How Exactly Can AppShark Help You?

Analyzing your organization’s workflow and performance, our team designs and builds a CPQ instance that aligns with your needs.

Did You Know?

According to recent surveys, incorporating AI into your Salesforce Revenue Cloud can lead to:

Experience precision and efficiency with our personalized AI-powered CPQ strategies

AppShark’s New Launch:

Check out how we leverage the latest suite of Salesforce Revenue Cloud AI features designed to maximize ROI and efficiency for your business. Leveraging advanced AI capabilities can help you with:

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