Accelerating Your Sales Process Transformation With Salesforce

Published on
November 20, 2019

We’re living in the age of the informed, empowered and demanding customers. Selling in the age of the customer is challenging. Customer expectations are fast evolving. Technology advancements are opening new customer touchpoints. And there’s no end to it.

In such an evolving scenario, a piecemeal approach may give you short-term benefits but if you really want to prepare your Sales Team for a long haul then you need to transform your sales process keeping the present and future needs in mind. A Sales Process Transformation that can deliver a 360-degree view of the customer, automate tasks to drive agility in your sales teams, and provide the leadership with micro-level details and complete view of sales activities.

An effective Sales Process Transformation requires a sharp strategy and effective execution. Salesforce products can help speed-up execution. It can deliver you everything you need to make your Sales Transformation a success.

Sales Process Transformation With Salesforce

Salesforce products and solutions can help you empower your sales team and transform your sales process. Here are a few products or platforms from Salesforce that can help you in your transformation journey

Sales Cloud- Automate Your Sales Activities & Empower Your Reps

"Sales Cloud" is the "sales" module in The module includes Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Contracts, Quotes, Products, Price Books, and Campaigns, etc. Sales Cloud is a start-to-end set up for the entire sales process. Some of the key components of Sales Cloud are-

  • Salesforce CPQ or Configure, Price, Quote- It is highly useful in automating quote generation and can be customized for complex pricing rules.
  • Salesforce Inbox: It can integrate your email and calendar with Salesforce and helps your reps manage sales more efficiently.
  • Partner Communities: If your business involves channel selling then Partner Communities can help you automate the process.
  • Sales Analytics: Get AI-driven Business intelligence to spot opportunities, predict outcomes, get recommendations, and more.
  • Sales Cloud Einstein: It is an Artificial Intelligence-powered CRM that automates data entry and predictive analysis to help your reps identify opportunities and win deals.
  • Lightning Dialer: It makes reaching out to customer easy and streamlined with a click on their phone number within Salesforce. You can find answers to the questions from customers take notes, and finalize details, etc., all on the call.
  • Salesforce1: It brings the entire CRM and the data on your reps smartphones to help them manage their daily activities, access files, collaborate and close deals on-the-road.
  • AppExchange: It offers pre-integrated apps to give your reps the sales tools to sell more and better.

Pardot B2B- Drive Collaboration Between Your Sales & Marketing Teams

Selling in the digital age demands tighter integration and collaboration between the Sales and Marketing teams. One of the key objectives of the Sales Process Transformation is to drive collaboration between teams. Pardot offers an end-to-end marketing automation solution to create meaningful connections with prospects, build pipelines, and helps sales to close more deals. Some of the key solutions offered by Pardot are-

  • Marketing Automation- Lead Generation & Management, Email Marketing, RoI reporting, etc.
  • B2B Marketing Analytics- Real-time Insights, Customizable Dashboards, Custom Views
  • Salesforce Engage- It is marketing automation for Sales and helps them campaigns with marketing-curated content, send one-to-one emails and monitor every prospect interaction.
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM)- It offers a complete ABM solution powered by AI and is built on Sales Cloud.

Customer 360 Platform- Enhance Customer Experiences, Empower Workforce

Salesforce Customer 360 helps you store all your customer data at once place to provide a unified customer profile that can be accessed and used across processes and departments in your organization. Customer 360 creates a unified customer ID that allows companies to easily connect customer data across various Salesforce apps. It enables your business to deliver integrated customer engagement at scale. Some of the major features of the Customer 360 platform are-

  • Unified Customer Data for 360-degree customer view
  • Advanced Audience Segmentation for targeted campaigns
  • Personalized customer experiences
  • AI-driven process optimization

Einstein Analytics- Build Advanced Data Capabilities

The new world is data-driven. Your Sales Team can richly benefit from AI and other data technologies. Salesforce Einstein Analytics brings the power of AI in your sales processes and activities. We have discussed some of the applications of Einstein in other Sales products but the AI platform goes beyond that to help you build advanced data capabilities for your business-

  • Build your own custom, data-driven apps
  • Utilize APIs and SDKs to enhance your existing app
  • Connect to outside data sources to get all of your data in one place
  • Build custom dashboards to get a view to smallest details
  • Visualize your data for quick consumption and understanding
  • Extract incisive insights on your products, processes, and customers

myTrailhead- Make Learning Easy & Fun For Your Employees

In the continuously evolving landscape, your sales team will need to quickly equip themselves with new skills and learning. You would also need to launch an employee training program after the Sales Process Transformation to make the team understand the new processes, systems, and programs. Salesforce myTrailhead is an on-demand gamified platform to help businesses create engaging learning programs. You can customize the platform as per your needs.

Salesforce offers many other useful solutions and apps like Quip, Salesforce Lightning, etc., that can be highly useful for your sales teams. The entire suite of Salesforce products, solutions and apps can be building blocks to transform your entire sales process and bring it in sync with new-age selling. However, you would need an expert Salesforce Consulting Partner with deep experience and expertise to understand your business needs and implement Salesforce solutions as per your transformation roadmap. If you are looking for a Salesforce Consulting Partner to help you with Sales Process Transformation or implementing/customizing any Salesforce product, please email to

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