Marketing Cloud Engagement & Account Engagement

Boost lead generation with personalized marketing outreach strategies tailored for diverse verticals
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement & Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) offer AI-powered, cloud-based digital marketing platforms that help enterprises optimize Marketing data and advance customer interactions to bolster business opportunities.

We empower marketing leaders by harnessing the benefits and maximizing the return on investment (ROI) of Marketing Cloud Engagement and Account Engagement. Our expertise delves deep into Marketing Cloud innovations across various channels, spanning the Customer Data Platform, Marketing Analytics, Cross-Channel Marketing, Marketing AI, Marketing Automation, and Loyalty Management.

What Sets Us Apart

At AppShark, we leverage Salesforce's Einstein features to revolutionize marketing efforts. Our suite of Einstein-enabled tools optimizes customer engagement, streamlines workflows, and drives outcomes. From advanced analytics to personalized content recommendations, our solutions utilize state-of-the-art AI and ML technology to deliver targeted marketing results.

Here are our eleven Einstein-powered features to improve your marketing strategies and transform the way you do business:

1. Einstein Engagement Scoring:

Utilizes AI to analyze customer engagement data and predict their likelihood of engaging with products, services, or marketing campaigns.

2. Engagement Splits:

Segment audiences based on their engagement levels with marketing campaigns using Salesforce's Einstein AI capabilities.

3. Path Optimizer

Enables the creation and optimization of customer journeys across multiple channels through predictive analytics and machine learning.

4. Einstein Send Time Optimization:

Determines the optimal time to send marketing emails to individual recipients based on historical engagement data.

5. Einstein Messaging Insights:

Provides actionable insights and recommendations to enhance campaign performance by identifying trends and optimization opportunities.

6. Einstein Engagement Frequency:

Analyzes contacts' behavior and engagement patterns to identify the optimal frequency and number of email messages to send.

7. Einstein Copy Insights:

Leverage advanced text analytics to analyze email subject lines and provide valuable insights and recommendations for crafting compelling subject lines.

8. Einstein Content Selection:

Selects the most engaging content for each subscriber in real time based on defined rules, subscriber attributes, and past engagement.

9. Einstein Content Tagging:

Helps tag image files in Marketing Cloud Engagement to make them more searchable and organized, with automatic tagging of new images based on account limits.

10. Einstein Email Recommendations:

Observe customer behavior and deliver the next-best content or product, with the ability to refine recommendations to match business rules.

11. Einstein Web Recommendations:

Deliver personalized content to website visitors based on behavior and preference profiles, with scenarios to refine recommendations based on business rules.

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Our Managed Marketing Services:

Marketing Cloud Consulting, Implementation, and Customization

We are helping myriad CMOs and Marketing leaders to segment their audience, data personalization, track marketing campaigns, enable performance marketing, engage leads and accounts, and optimize strategies based on real-time insights through Marketing Cloud Engagement & Account Engagement. We aim to drive customer loyalty with effective Marketing outcomes.

Count on our experts to help you with the following Comprehensive Marketing Cloud Engagement & Account Engagement

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We act as an extension of your Marketing team, understanding and executing your strategy.
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Launch event-based journeys by integrating with various data sources.
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Execute personalized customer journeys across digital channels.
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Create customer journeys that build relationships across sales channels.
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Enable Omni channel brand experiences through Marketing Cloud.
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Re-engage past customers through cross-channel marketing tactics.
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Smoothly facilitate campaign management across email, mobile, and advertising channels.
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Build automated reports for analysis from SMS, Email, Journey Builder, Engagement Studio data, and more.
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Set up geofencing for triggering actions when customers are nearby.
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Create custom email content blocks based on specific rules.
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Utilize Sales Cloud data through Marketing Cloud Connect.
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Seamlessly connect and align sales and marketing for growth and visibility
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Acquire new audiences using the lookalike audience feature.
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Aid in lead generation, dynamic inbound, and outbound leads by creating landing pages to engage leads.
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Access to multiple lead generation channels, like webinars, events, AI-powered leads scoring, and alerts.
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Configure Marketing reporting and analytics.