Salesforce for Logistic & Transportation Companies

Published on
February 22, 2022

As the logistic industry is continuously evolving, the profit margins are getting razor-thin. It is thus critical to find new and the latest ways of pursuing top-notch management. And for that, your best bet is to tap into the power of Salesforce, to drive digital transformation, along with streamlined management throughout your supply chain.

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What is the Salesforce Benefits for Your Logistic Company?

1. Better Time Management

Time management matters for every business in any industry, especially so for logistics. Since customers simply won't repeat with online service providers, who have served a worse logistic experience. This is why the logistic and shipping industry needs to consider the timeliness aspect very seriously.

Thus comes Salesforce. Salesforce benefits you with excellent time management, with the provision of comprehensive client information and a multitude of planning materials at your disposal. So with all that information, you can conveniently organize and prioritize jobs and make quick and smart decisions.

The CRM also helps logistic companies handle records through a single dashboard, which makes keeping track of lead timing so much easier, enabling businesses to handle the delivery time effectively through one point. The Salesforce Service Cloud goes on to help you automate and streamline your workflows, along with deploying the right agent at the right time. While, Tableau, which is a visual analytics platform, serves up analytics and data visualizations, everything in real-time.

2. Put Your Customer at the Centre

Delivering a seamless shipping experience solution requires every touchpoint, whether direct or indirect, to positively impact the shipper and buyer experience.

Achieve this, by putting your customers in control. Such as, when a customer requests an immediate quote, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud lets you readily respond to the inquiry with real-time price updates. Plus, you can also optimize business as per tender response times and your best carrier rating and build a connected supply chain, right from order to delivery. This allows your customers to conveniently use self-service channels, like chatbots to stay up to date on their shipments.

3. Streamline Your Entire Business Process

Salesforce comes with customization features, so businesses can organize and access their entire business data through one platform, with real-time transparency at every stage of the shipping journey. It streamlines the entire shipping process, from quoting and booking, through shipment, tracking, and order fulfillment. Having the entire records in one place helps facilitate smooth communication through easy access, eliminates confusion and duplication, and enhances the whole logistic experience.

You can further leverage Salesforce's mobile and cross-compatible dashboard to view the status and analytics at any point in time. It also lets you overview the SOP and set procedures that no longer meet the service needs, apart. In order to enhance logistics, as well as shipping, going through thorough reports like cost metrics can be really helpful. Plus, the dual verification features can help figure out errors and fake orders.

4. Improve Team Collaboration

The Salesforce “Chatter” tool eases your communication with the rest of your team. It allows you to communicate with individuals or groups on work-related topics like clients, territory, or other important details, so your team finds it easier to prioritize and organize their tasks, facilitating interaction with more leads, and closure of more sales.

5. Collaborate With Partners

The logistic industry relies on a complex network of partners to keep the entire supply chain running, which can come quite handy unexpectedly. For example, Salesforce partners like Neurored provides a trusted supply chain network for suppliers to procure Personal Protective Equipment by placing orders with trade networks. This helped the 'Kaelis Group' to quickly source and supply PPE for its customer base of airlines and railway companies, during the sudden onset of Covid-19.

6. Attract, Recruit, and Train Drivers

It is the drivers who act as the engine to keep the supply chain moving. And experienced drivers age out, the average driver age being 54. Thus, transportation and logistics companies must proactively lookout for a pool of younger drivers.

This can be achieved by focusing on digital channels like social media, where young drivers are more likely to spend their time.

With Salesforce's Marketing Cloud, you can reach your required audiences with hyper-targeted ads, which can be filtered by demographic data, to get qualified candidates who meet your requirements.

And from there, digital learning tools like 'MyTrailhead' streamline onboarding and training, that too with a suitable gamified approach they can enjoy. What's more, qualified drivers can meet knowledge requirements for laws and road safety and even earn certifications for important skills through a wholesome and customized learning experience!

7. Improve And Customize Your Customer Support

One of the main advantages of Salesforce is the information it collects, both in terms of quality and quantity. Salesforce gives your reps the hands-on approach they need to truly engage with clients, while also allowing them to adapt their plans to obtain better outcomes. It lets you look at each contact, account, task, event, and opportunity linked to an executive, which provides your company with plenty of information, before approaching your potential clients. Thus, by giving your customer care team access to the details of every customer virtually, you set a perfect pathway for the staff to connect with customers and take care of their concerns effectively. Needless to say, customer interaction in a more personalized and efficient manner will help boost confidence levels and establish better customer relationships, improve customer retention and increase profitability.

8. Empower Your Sales Reps

Salesforce's AI can help with obtaining predictive insights and other useful data regarding both new and old clients. Which can empower your sales team, helping them find the best opportunity, and make the most of it at the best time.

9. Have An Omni-Channel Network

Customers expect a uniform and unified business experience on whatever channel they prefer, email, phone, SMS, or apps. Salesforce understands the variety of communication channels that businesses have to prioritize and makes sure that whenever their customers approach the business through any of them, they aren’t kept on hold and get the response they expect.

10. Outperform Your Competitors

Today's logistics companies need to proactively adjust to real-time market trends, analyze signals for identifying high-propensity shippers, and predict demand and supply trends. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you identify the relevant signals and find new shippers, as per customer demand. This enables you to respond to signals from your best customers, that too immediately and consistently, to outperform your competitors and always stay ahead of the curve.

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