Salesforce Xero Integration: Sync Your Data Seamlessly

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July 20, 2021

There is often a disconnect between the Sales and Finance teams when it comes to visibility. Whereas, in order to drive a business successfully, the working of functional areas together in a cohesive manner is a must. Thus connecting your CRM and accounting software together provides the required efficient communication across teams. And this is where the Salesforce Xero integration comes into the picture.

Salesforce is the number one Customer Relationship Management tool in the CRM sphere, and the company boasts of over 19 percent of the CRM market share. And it has a number of modules that can be added to increase its effectiveness and unique offering for a company. One of these is the “Commerce Cloud Module” which is a platform for online companies. It possesses multiple top-notch features for e-commerce, trusted by giants like Adidas and Puma.

Similar to Salesforce being revolutionary for software, we have an online accounting platform revolutionary as well. Because gone are the days of the “Excel Shoebox” crammed with receipts into a massive spreadsheet, only to add to the confusion at the end of the year. This automated accounting platform called 'Xero' aims at simplifying the accounting processes, while also allowing users to undertake a range of activities with ease and efficiency.

The Wonders Of Integrating Salesforce with Xero

Xero is one of the most popular cloud-based business accounting software that provides its users with features like keeping track of income, invoicing, purchase orders, expense claims, accounts payable, fixed asset depreciation, comprehensive business reporting, automatic import of bank and credit card statements and all other aspects of accounting. Xero also offers a free API that allows it to be integrated with external applications like Salesforce, to further streamline and automate business accounting processes.

Yet another key module of Salesforce is 'Pardot', which offers email automation, targeted email campaigns, and lead management for B2B sales and marketing organizations. And Pardot integrates completely with Xero.

So, each time you make a sale, it gets recorded in Salesforce. This event then can trigger multiple actions in Xero, eliminating the need for manual data entry. One of the top benefits of accounting automation software like Xero is that even the smallest businesses can take advantage of expert accounting, without the need of paying exorbitant fees.

Xero makes an excellent choice for Salesforce users, especially because it integrates deeply into the Salesforce CRM.

The degree to which these two systems can be linked together to function like magic is indeed astounding when looked at in detail.

The Features And Benefits Of Salesforce Xero Integration

1. Encourage Collaboration By Eliminating Silos

The Salesforce and Xero integration helps your team with eliminating silos and working in collaboration, sharing information, and knowledge. This helps everyone within an organization with having access to CRM and accounting data, to work on the same database, and stay on the same page. All you have to do is simply log in to the platform and obtain all the information you need within a matter of seconds. This aids employees and the management to take quick and effective decisions, making the accounting process much more wholesome. Without this integration, teams would have to email each other to ask for details. But with it, you easily gain insight from an account and opportunity level, saving time and hassle, without having to rely on other teams' updates or even accessing Xero.

2. Link To E-commerce Platforms

While running an e-commerce service, transferring all of your sales data to an accounts program is time-consuming. But with the Salesforce Xero integration, this chore becomes a thing of the past. Because, whenever an order is placed on your website, the information is directly sent to your Xero account in real-time, creating a record automatically. You can even integrate Xero with your online payment options like PayPal, Apple Pay, Stripe, etc. to make sure that accurate sales data is being fed directly to your accounting program, without manual interventions or errors. Moreover, you can also keep a track of your incomes, expenses, returns, and more.

3. Multi-currency Support

For businesses spanning across countries, the integration provides an integrated platform to support multiple currencies. This allows you to convert different currencies and work in the currency your team prefers to work with.

4. Streamlined Invoice Processing And Tracking

Processing invoices manually often takes a considerable amount of time. But by integrating Salesforce and Xero, you can automate the process by syncing all invoices to the respective contacts in real-time. Every time an invoice is received in Xero, the details are recorded in Salesforce, helping you confirm the credentials and clear the invoice as soon and effectively as possible. A faster and more accurate clearing of invoices helps you build healthy and lasting relationships with your suppliers. Also, the Salesforce Xero integration helps you avail exclusive discounts from suppliers appreciating early payment of dues.

The integration also allows your teams to track invoices within Salesforce, including overdue, due, and current ones to make payment collections easier and faster, saving heaps of work and time for your staff.

5. Pre-populate Line Items/Fields

The Salesforce Xero integration lets you pre-populate line items or fields, within your Salesforce org with relevant accounting records, to prevent the time and effort your team members would otherwise have to put in, to reconcile data and enter them into your CRM records. Pre-populating of line items such as prices, discounts, tax rates, due dates, or any other custom field, helps you automate the process of making entries and syncing data between the two platforms easily and efficiently, avoiding inaccuracy.

6. Improved Data Accuracy

When you work on two separate platforms, (for handling CRM processes and managing accounting practices) there are high chances of your employees committing errors in reconciling data. One example of a  common challenge faced by businesses in sales and revenue forecasting is gaps between the forecast and the actuals. But with the Salesforce Xero integration, you eliminate this risk, since data reconciliation is automated, hence accurate.

7. Streamlined Operations Improve Productivity

As a company grows, there is an increase in staff, operations, and processes. Which in turn, leads to the handling of billings for multiple orgs, in different currencies. The integration between Salesforce and Xero helps teams easily manage these variants when generating invoices and purchase orders, streamlining processes for a scaling business, boosting productivity, and eliminating errors.

8. Read-Only Mode For Secure Operations

You can now safely operate with the unique read-only mode and user permissions sets, meant for management to let teams work at the appropriate levels.

9.Real-Time Two-way Sync

Get a true bi-directional syncing solution that helps changes made in Salesforce get updated in Xero and reflected back in Salesforce in minutes. So you can empower your teams with this fully integrated system to boost productivity and save valuable staff time.

10. Mobile Customization

In order to ensure high flexibility of operations, the integrated platform comes with an option of seamless mobile customization. This lets your employees on the go, perform anything necessary through mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.

The cloud-based platform also makes sure that their activities get logged into the core database in real-time.

11. Dependable Data Security

Dealing with financial records demands the utmost security of the system. Thus, the infrastructure of Salesforce along with Xero provides layered security and privacy to your database, so your data is safe from multiple threats like unauthorized access, data breaches, financial fraud, and so on.

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