Salesforce Talend Integration: Data migration and governance made easy

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July 12, 2021

Talend Cloud & Salesforce Integration

Imagine a horror scenario: your data’s been deleted, stolen, or sold to the highest bidder. Not only is your company at risk, but your most sensitive information about your employees and clients has disappeared. This puts you at risk of losing your reputation, or, at worst: a legal nightmare.

But it’s not just that. If you want to fully leverage and see the most of your return of investment on your digital assets, data governance is a must. And it must be effective.

That’s why data governance is so vital to any modern organization.

What is Data Governance?

Today’s enterprise environment is fast-paced and cutthroat. It seems that we face decisions minute-by-minute that either presents a huge investment opportunity or critical failure. At our fingertips, we have access to countless information—and data. And as organizations, we have the opportunity to dive even deeper and uncover countless crucial data about our clients and customers.

But just because we have the access, doesn’t mean we have the ability.

Learning can be complicated and costly, too. Plus, it needs time that could be better spent elsewhere. In order to not only thrive as a business but survive, we need to adapt.

Data governance is not just information management, and can best be understood by knowing these key facets:

  • Delivery & access: from storing to retrieving, and finally acting on data
  • Integrity: ensuring the accuracy, quality, and veracity of data
  • Lineage: where the data began, where it’s been, and where it’ll go
  • Loss prevention: DLP is ensuring that sensitive data stays in the corporate network, but also controlling who sees it
  • Security: Protection against corruption or unauthorized access to data
  • Synchronization: consistency among different types of data
  • Master management: MDM is the combination of processes, policies, standards, and tools that are used to govern, define and manage data

Salesforce Data Demystified

The importance of data will only continue to grow, as will the access, as will the sensitive nature, as will the need to govern data appropriately.

If your firm has big data or even any critical data, a well-crafted strategy for data governance is fundamental.

So how can you ensure one? Easy: by maintaining a bird’s eye view of your organization and your data. Enter Talend Open Studio, a simple-to-use open source ETL tool, and your data solution.

With Talend, you can rest assured that your data will be safe and secure. But it doesn’t end there. The reality is, we all want our data to be integrated in order to gain our highest return on investment, both in capital and business intelligence.

Talend is simply a cloud integration platform that allows you to connect and unlock the power of cloud computing. It can manage, monitor, and control in the cloud—across platforms.

Why Talend for Salesforce Integration?

Talend is easy to understand and even easier to navigate. What it does is integrate Salesforce data with yours and synchronizes the data between the different systems. This gives you that perfect holistic view of your organization, its data, and its processes leading you to gain several insights and benefits for the success of your business. The best part: it does it faster by ten-fold than hand-coding.

On-prem, on-cloud, or somewhere else along the line, Talend will help you:

1. Collect Salesforce data

Whether it’s based on a query or you’d just like a specific time period

2. Enrich data

There are several external data sets with marketing, product usage, and more that can help you pull elite insights

3. Update your Salesforce objects

This means you get the most up-to-date CRM for your firm

That’s not all. We’ve compiled a list of the top benefits Talend brings to your Salesforce integration:

1. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Now, you can respond to business requests without needing to write code. Talend allows you to be faster, more agile, and more efficient with their >1000 out-of-the-box connectors, Eclipse-based graphical tools, and a code generator that’s been optimized for performance.

2. Many hands make light work

Your team’s productivity is guaranteed to skyrocket since Talend’s collaboration feature is one of the best out there. Your team can do this by using impact analysis, metadata management, powerful versioning, and testing and debugging tools.

3. Get ahead of schedule

With advanced scheduling and monitoring features, you now have access to real-time data integration through the dashboards and centralized control features. This makes for an easier management experience, that’s faster and precise, offering fast deployment across multiple nodes.

4. Gain ground, stay ahead

Frequent updates mean no longer waiting to use the latest version of data integration features. Talend will keep you covered.

5. Penny saved, penny earned

Something we all like to hear: Talend offers a subscription-based pricing model. Compared to flat licensing, paying for only the number of developers using Talend Studio is a sweet deal.

6. Keep it sweet and simple

Features you can understand and use to gain maximum value. The Talend integration cloud tool allows you to accelerate your on-premises and cloud data integration projects by using their secure platform-as-a-service (iPaas)—and it’s highly scalable.

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