Salesforce Jitterbit Integration: Finding the Perfect Middleware

Published on
July 2, 2021

Finding the Perfect Middleware

Here’s the thing. You’ve got all these tools, but you don’t know how to tell if you’re making the best of them. That’s why we all need a middle ground, something that can rest between Salesforce and all of our other databases, software, devices, and applications.

Salesforce Jitterbit Integration

Jitterbit is one of the top Salesforce middleware integration tools. It is a flexible and easy-to-use cloud-based integration platform, that allows Salesforce users to quickly integrate Salesforce with different databases, software, devices, and apps.

With Jitterbit, you achieve Salesforce integration within days and automate your business with the complete Salesforce-Jitterbit integration. Quick, simple, and with a high return on investment.

Jitterbit is Salesforce integration made easy!

'iPaaS', Jitterbit's award-winning integration platform, allows you to deploy any type of integration, from simple data integration to real-time enterprise-scale integration, all on one single (multi-tenant) platform. Jitterbit comes with pre-built connectors for popular apps like Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft, etc. to speed up integration, ensuring quick ROI. Jitterbit also has predefined apps to significantly reduce implementation time and complications.

Jitterbit has 3 service levels available: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise, offering different amounts of support and number of systems a business might want to connect. Jitterbit solutions are available on a single digital platform called 'Harmony', to provide users, on the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid models, with quick results.

Salesforce + Jitterbit

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM platform due to its exceptional capability of helping businesses grow, by allowing a high level of customization/personalization.

Salesforce can seamlessly integrate with practically any business operational software that helps transform business processes, increases team productivity, creates top-notch customer experience, and a lot more.

So, to get Salesforce started for your business, you need to first get a trusted middleware integration tool like Jitterbit, to sync the information residing in other CRM applications, ERP custom applications, databases, and documents. This will help disseminate critical data related to customer accounts, inventory, and business processes across your teams.

Once the ideal environment is ready, you will be ready to reap in the benefits for your organization. But what are they? And what do they mean?

Jitterbit Integration With Salesforce: Features & Benefits Explained

1. Jitterbit Is Free

The 'free' tag of Jitterbit is definitely one of its most attractive features. Also, the free version of Jitterbit is still packed with amazing features to get you rolling.

2. Hassle-Free Database Management Wizard

The simple point-and-click database management makes Jitterbit Dataloader an efficient yet user-friendly tool.

Jitterbit Data Loader for Salesforce is the most feature-rich and easy-to-use tool you can get—it’s just that easy. Create, Insert, Upsert, Bulk Loads, Query, Delete and Hard Delete are your options, just one click away.

3. Connect With Clients/Customers At A Deeper Level

These days, our clients and customers are looking to us to connect with them. With Jitterbit, you can now enhance customer experience with more relevant and comprehensive data management.

4. Save Time, Automatically Connect To Similar Database Fields

You want an easy-to-understand change, and an accessible appearance to help you navigate it.

With Auto-mapper, you can now conveniently map fields in spreadsheets with similar ones in Salesforce. Save time with the advanced point-and-click database mapping features, to conveniently map fields in spreadsheets with similar ones in Salesforce.

5. Automate Your Schedule & Operations

Multi-tasking is a key part of any business. So is scheduling.

Jitterbit lets you execute operations in a number of ways, such as manually, and automatically, via an API call, or a schedule.

Define virtually any kind of schedule you need, from quarterly to even every hour of a day!

6. Omni Device Solution With Automatic Cloud Backups

It’s happened to us all: you’ve accidentally deleted a file. With Jitterbit, that file would’ve been backed up automatically to the Jitterbit Cloud. Access operations any time with the Omni-device feature. You need to create a paid account for this, though.

7. A Data Loader Designed for Salesforce Administrators

IT resources are becoming incredibly valuable, but it can be a huge burden to try and cross over manually. Jitterbit’s automation takes care of the import and export of critical business data, taking the burden off IT resources. Users can simply “set it and forget it.”

8. Connect to Any Database Out There

You want it all, and with the Jitterbit Integration, you get it all.

It allows you to be associated with Salesforce’s editions, also enabling you to connect any database with your Salesforce system. Really, any of them—MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle Database, CSV & TSV files, XLS/XLSX files, and more.

9. Quick & Easy Upgrading

Even upgrading to Jitterbit Harmony is just one click away, once the application integration and business process automation is completed.

10. Jitterbit ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) features:

It can take an incredibly long time to transfer huge amounts of data. Jitterbit uses high-performance parallel processing algorithms that enable you to transfer it in no time, saving you energy and labor.

Not only that, but you also get Data Cleansing and Smart Reconstruction Tools to save you the hassle of cleaning and altering data between systems.

Your business will benefit from Jitterbit’s amazing system of dashboards and alerts, to help you monitor your integrations for problems before they become costly. Also, if an error occurs, the right people are notified instantly.

11. Jitterbit API Customization

If you find you don’t need all those features and are just using Jitterbit with Salesforce to store data, Jitterbit has you covered.

You can build entirely new APIs (Application Programming Interfaces, which allow two applications to talk to each other) so you can access the data. This built-in functionality allows Jitterbit to solve problems that other ETL tools would not be able to.

12. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Compliance

Jitterbit Harmony will be at the center of your game plan, courtesy of its EDI capability.

It allows you to trade with your EDI-compliant partners and customers, all this without the need to be fully reliant on EDI yourself.

13. Einstein Analytics Integration

Integrate data from a myriad of external sources into Salesforce Einstein, and gain in-depth data analytics.

AppShark Is Here To Help You

While you may be able to integrate Jitterbit on your own, it doesn’t immediately promise results if you aren’t sure how to best take advantage of it. You’ll need a lot of know-how, experience, and effort to see it through.

This makes the workload even more complicated, as you’ll need a custom data loader developed from scratch or a pre-built data migration tool. But that also comes with its own risks. It’s important to take the time to make the right decision because this is a crucial aspect for any organization.

At AppShark, we hear you. Our experienced Salesforce integration team is here to help you get started. We will take care of:

  1. The initial set-up;
  2. Inserting foundational company information;
  3. & Tailoring each feature to fit the needs of your organization.

We’ll provide you with custom, in-depth training as well, so every employee gets well versed with its usage.

We will have you implement an enterprise-wide solution and partner with you throughout every stage of the process and more!

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