Empower Your Sales Reps With Guided Selling in Salesforce CPQ

Published on
February 4, 2020

As customers get armed with more information and selling goes digital, your Sales Reps need new tools to sell better and sell more. Guided Selling in Salesforce is one such feature that helps your Sales staff (even the new recruits) offer the right product or service to customers by understanding their needs better.

What is Guided Selling?

Guided selling in Salesforce helps you create a set of questions that prompt your reps to enter customer data, like company size, industry and other specifics depending on the nature of your business. The Salesforce CPQ then suggests the right product and services based on the responses. The guided selling feature helps Sales Reps and your organization in various ways-

  1. Quickens onboarding of new reps
  2. Streamlines the sales process
  3. Helps in winning more deals
  4. Drives customer satisfaction

How to configure Guided Selling in Salesforce CPQ?

To configure Guided Selling in CPQ, you need a CPQ configurator that must be able to work with design criteria in combination with optimization.


There is a concept of twin fields to be created because the search is on the products so mainly the necessary fields as per the requirements are to be created on the standard product object.

Then the same fields are to be created on the ‘process input’ object.

Objects to be used/configured are:

  1. Quote process
  2. Process Input
  3. Process Input Condition

Use process input conditions to create multiple paths through a guided selling prompt. This feature is useful for building detailed guided-selling prompts that cover several business needs.

Once the guided actions(Questions & Responses) are configured in the mentioned objects then there can be a scenario to associate the selling process to a specific quote or quote record types.

For that, a workflow/process automation can be set up which can associate the Quote process record ID to the quote. This helps to fire the quote process record with questions to the sales team to enable selection of the right product.

The guided selling process can help the sales team to understand consumer needs in detail, guide them through the right products and configurations, select the right product, quote it and send to customer.

Salesforce CPQ or any of its products have many such technical configurations and customizations that can not only enhance the capabilities of the product but can also help you address your business-specific needs. You would need services of an experienced Salesforce Partner like us to optimally use the Salesforce products and get high value for your money. To discuss how AppShark can help your business email us at customersuccess@appshark.com

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