Postgres Connector: Securely Migrate your SQL data to PostgreSQL Database

Published on
November 2, 2020

Heroku Postgres is one of the popular relational database management systems used in enterprises. Many companies rely on it as a transactional data store and to manage and optimize their data capabilities. As enterprises look to build connected ecosystems integrating various legacy systems, apps, and platforms, there is a necessity to ensure seamless data flow. Businesses often need to transfer their on-premise SQL data from a CRM or ERP or a CSV file to a PostgreSQL. In this post, we’ll discuss a solution to automate data transfer between the on-premise database and PostgreSQL with AppShark's Postgres Connector.

There are various challenges to data transfer from PostgreSQL including-

  • Security and Compliance- This is especially required for sensitive data in healthcare, payment records in e-commerce, etc. There are also regulations like GDPR in Europe and HIPAA, California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) in the United States which businesses operating in these countries need to comply with.
  • Support for any development flows- Organizations have their own unique development flows which any solution for data transfer needs to meet. So, the data transfer solution must support all development flows.
  • Complicated configuration- Complexity in configuration consumes time and raises costs. So, businesses need a solution that is easy and quick to set up and execute.
  • Scale data transfer in private- One of the challenges faced in transferring data from one database to PostgreSQL is the ability to scale data transfer in a secure way as per the business requirements.
  • Support for on-premise SQL compliant database- Organizations also look for a solution that can support any SQL compliant database and is not restricted to certain databases.
  • Managing access permissions- Access permissions are critical to saving your data. Unrestricted access to data can make it vulnerable to data breaches and hacking.

On-premise SQL Data Transfer to PostgreSQL

To automate and make it easy for any enterprise to transfer their on-premise data from ERP/CRM/CSV files to a PostgreSQL, we have built a solution called ‘AppShark Postgres Connector’.

Our Postgres Connector Supports any SQL Complaint databases and CSV files data integration. It facilitates configurable creation, updation, and deletion of records. The Connector also provides information on the success & failures of records synced and supports schedule based sync by a minimum of 5 minutes.

How AppShark's Postgres Connector Helps Your Business?

Our Postgres SQL Connector helps your business in various ways like-

1. Seamless Integration- The Connector facilitates easy integration between your Heroku Postgres and ERP& CRM along with other systems. This helps you in optimizing the capabilities of your systems and drive RoI from your investments.

2. Data Management- The Connector helps you make your data powerful and manageable by breaking the silos and ensuring its seamless and secure flow across the organization.

3. Integrate Postgres data with business processes- To drive automation in your process and to improve its efficiency, you need to integrate PostgreSQL with your processes and ensure free data transfer. Our Connector makes it possible.

4. Build high compliance apps- Healthcare and Finance apps need secure data transfer as per the regulatory guidelines of the country of operations. AppShark's Postgres Connector helps you transfer data at scale and securely.

AppShark Postgres Connector really makes it easy for you to transfer any on-premise SQL compliant data to PostgreSQL. Click here to know more about our product AppShark's Postgres Connector.

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