Salesforce MuleSoft Integration: Connecting Systems Anywhere, Anytime

Published on
July 30, 2021

Salesforce is the all-encompassing, highly efficient CRM software that takes care of your customer database in a secure and advanced manner. It has always been the go-to software, business people have trusted for simplifying their jobs, and amplifying their return on investment. No doubt Salesforce has several amazing features to perform an array of functions, but there are certain services that it can provide best, when integrated into another platform, such as MuleSoft.

The MuleSoft Anypoint Platform is the world’s leading integration platform for APIs (Application Programming Interface), SaaS, (Software as a Service), and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). One of the biggest advantages of the platform is its provision of exceptional business agility to organizations of all sizes, by connecting data, devices, and applications, both in cloud and on-premises.

MuleSoft's very mission is to help organizations change and innovate faster by easing the connection to the world’s applications, devices and data. With its API-led approach to connectivity, MuleSoft’s market-leading Anypoint Platform empowers thousands of organizations to build application networks. This unlocking of data with application networks, helps organizations easily deliver new revenue channels, increase operational efficiency and create differentiated customer experiences.

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Enhanced, Automated, And Customized Coding

Gone are the times when companies preferred manual coding, with employees working in their IT department to practice in-house coding, using whatever integration tools were available. The times have changed and businesses have become more digitized now. Integrations like Salesforce Mulesoft have enhanced the system of coding, reducing, if not eliminating the need to do it manually. You are now entitled to get a highly customized approach, without the need to go through custom coding. You can simply choose the application features you need and the way you want to use them for your business in accordance with your unique expectations and requirements.

The Salesforce Mulesoft automation comes with multiple benefits

1. Reduced Dependency

Now, not everyone is a master at coding, plus coding for such complex integrations cannot be trusted unless you have absolute experts. So irrespective of whether you are outsourcing the job or are getting it done in-house, you will be highly dependent on the developer for the entire process.

2.Saving on energy and money

Software coding, especially for complicated ones like Salesforce, is bound to take you an awful lot of time. Also, the developers in the IT sector charge a lot owing to the time and complexity involved in the programming. But you need not bother, as you are using the automation of coding and using the saved time in other productive business matters.

3. Reduced scope of errors

Humans cannot guarantee a complete absence of errors, like computers. Manually coded systems come with high chances of errors or mishaps as compared to error free platforms that are automatically coded.

4. Ease of Upgrading

With manual coding for such complex integrations, you would not have been able to keep upgrading your system, with the technological changes that keep taking place at lightning speed. Also, the upgrade would further cost you more time and money. But with the Salesforce Mulesoft integration, you can upgrade your system at the mere touch of a few buttons!

Here are a few more benefits a Salesforce MuleSoft Integration has to offer

5. Connect Data, Apps & Services Swiftly

Organizations using this unified platform can easily connect data, applications, and services for making them pluggable and reusable. Apart from that, you can securely and swiftly connect to any source of data, from databases to SaaS apps, and from mainframes to ERP, (Enterprise Resource Planning) that too without the cost and/or constraints of rigid point-to-point connections.

6. Increased Agility

The Salesforce MuleSoft integration enables you to easily and quickly introduce new systems, devices, software, versions, and data sources. So, you can respond to changing market conditions rapidly and take advantage of time-sensitive new opportunities as well.

7. Improve Project Quality

You can reduce QA and post-production remediation costs and achieve higher QA with the integration. Advanced techniques like visual debugger, auto-testing, reusable assets, etc. also help your team lower error rates dramatically.

8. Scalable & Flexible

The Salesforce MuleSoft integration also demonstrates unparalleled efficacy in building scalable and flexible application networks for organizations, useful for a big majority of today’s challenging connectivity requirements.

9. Future-proofing your Organization

The MuleSoft integration will also provide you with a solid foundation for the future. As the only hybrid integration platform purpose-built for API-led connectivity, you can quickly go cloud or multi-cloud without rebuilding applications or requiring new tools. This flexible solution enables you to adapt to any architecture, deployment platform, or technology as and when the need arises in future.

10. Increase Customer Engagement/Loyalty

MuleSoft Anypoint brings disparate customer systems and data sources together to build a 360 degree customer view, allowing you to deliver personalized experiences, anticipate future needs, and improve customer loyalty in the process. It also gives you the option to give your team the access to complete and accurate customer information, anytime, anywhere omni-channel.

11. Minimize Risk & Cost Of Security Breaches

The Salesforce MuleSoft integration includes advanced security by default, with end-to-end governance that ensures compliance with local, regional, and industrial regulations. So, the solution enforces global access control and threat protection at every layer, assuring confidentiality and integrity of the information you share.

12. Lower Maintenance Costs

With MuleSoft's built-in governance, ease of use, single management pane, visibility, and reusable assets, the Anypoint platform lowers maintenance costs. Better still, it helps you modernize legacy systems efficiently by leveraging APIs. All these add to significant savings in the long run.

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