Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

AppShark’s certified consultants help your organization deploy a fully customized Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud instance to manage its commercial operations, orchestrate the customer experience, and streamline their partner engagement.
Manufacturing Cloud

Discover how AppShark enhances your Manufacturing Cloud implementationjourney

We at AppShark help you with the successful execution of the Manufacturing Cloud rollout with our Salesforce domain experts. From Sales Agreement mastery to cutting-edge Account Forecasting, we've got your run-rate business covered. Level up your growth and dive into the future of intelligence with our visionary AI-powered approach, integrated into Salesforce. Get your manufacturing journey off to a great start!

Manufacturing Cloud for Sales

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Enhance the predictability of your ongoing business and monitor customer compliance through Sales Agreements, whether formal, such as committed or renewal business, or informal, like handshake deals or verbal agreements.
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Generate robust account forecasts using Advanced Account Forecasting, offering insights into planned and actuals alongside historical data, segmented by regions, product categories, or other custom dimensions.
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Utilize the self-service Experience Cloud portal to collaborate with dealers, distributors, reps, and resellers, allowing partners to manage leads, sales agreements, forecasts, and more.
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Drive business growth with Account Manager Targets, allowing customization for currency or non-currency measure types assigned to team members.
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Operationalize market and program forecasts using Program Based Business, importing and deriving forecasts based on customer or market predictions to create new business opportunities.

ManufacturingCloud for Service:

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Deliver exceptional customer service through the unified Service Console for Manufacturing, providing a 360-degree view of customer engagements for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). This enables quicker issue resolution and consistent, meaningful, and personalized interactions.
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Maximize asset lifetime value and foster customer loyalty by establishing an end-to-end, scalable warranty management process with Warranty Lifecycle Management. This includes managing product and asset warranties, setting service standards, capturing descriptive warranty claims, and efficiently adjudicating claims.
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Forecast service revenue and spare parts demand using the flexible advanced account forecasting framework.
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Gather valuable customer feedback through surveys to develop a voice of the customer, gaining actionable insights with Feedback Management.

ProcessAutomation Tools:

Automate customer-focused digital experiences across your entire business using Flow Builder and the suite of tools included in Flow for Manufacturing, formerly known as Digital Process Automation.

Transform the efficiency of the Manufacturing Cloud with Salesforce AI features:

AppShark’s expertise in leveraging Salesforce AI features can help you drive organizational growth efficiently.

Forecasting and Demand Planning:

Accurately predictdemand, optimize inventory, and streamline production.

Intelligent Sales Insights:

Gain actionable intelligence on customer behavior and market trends.

Supply Chain Optimization:

Enhance sourcing, procurement, and logistics for cost savings.

Quality Management:

Monitor and ensureproduct quality with AI-driven features.

Predictive Maintenance:

Proactively detect equipment issues to minimize downtime

Commerce Concierge:

Simplify B2B purchaseswith AI-powered conversational selling.

Sales Predictions:

Forecast sales opportunities and identify promising leads.

Intelligent Pricing:

Optimize pricing strategies to maximize revenue.

Collaborative Forecasting:

Align demand forecasts with production and inventory plans.

Real-Time Insights:

Utilize analytics for actionable insights into production.

Improve Customer Experiences:

Align quality efforts with customer expectations using feedback data.