Improve Customer Service and Communication with RingCentral Salesforce Integration

Published on
October 20, 2020

Good customer service begins with a solid contact center best practice that dispenses quick and accurate communication. Contact centers are no stranger to system siloes with a majority of them citing lack of integrated systems standing in the way of digital transformation and seamless customer experiences.

The most frustrating aspects of a poor customer service experience happen to be “Lack of knowledge or ability to resolve service issues and the need to repeat customer information multiple times to the agents.”- Statista.

Today it has become imperative that in a customer-centric marketing landscape- service agents must respond by providing a positive experience that will satisfy and retain customers (also inspiring positive word-of-mouth marketing). Providing a uniform experience particularly through voice and telecommunication, anywhere anytime is easier said than done, however. Call center agents struggle to maintain a single view of the customer across multiple channels and are ill-equipped to answer customer queries. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and contact center inefficiencies which sooner or later impact the bottom line- sales and revenues.

What does Unified Communications mean?

The rise of the concept of unified communication for the call center space is that it aims to integrate all communication platforms and improve the call center service performance. When a single platform connects all the dots within a business, a single source of truth can be obtained for service agents. Beginning from phone calls to tickets to faxes and social to SMS, unified communication systems aim to bring together all customer service channels into one, 360-degree view. This way agents can access customer information, history, and profiles no matter which channel they choose to interact with a customer through. Unified communication also assures effective team collaboration as it combines all communication platforms into a single interface. IT enables businesses to become more flexible and adaptable as it reduces the time of call center agents spent on scouring for information, resources to perform.

A unified communication model =email +fax+video+voice support+data+mobility+directory services.

Now, this can be accomplished by ensuring that service- channels are tightly integrated with crucial applications and optimized to deliver an omnichannel customer experience. A solution that can help forecast, schedule, and prepare customer interface points by first identifying broken processes and improving employee performance is the first big step towards progress.

Enter RingCentral Fax

RingCentral Office is a cloud-based business communications system that provides enterprise-grade voice, fax, text, online meetings, conferencing, and collaboration. With RingCentral Office application businesses the office, remote and mobile employees under one phone system, regardless of their location. RingCentral Fax is an online fax service platform known for its secure system of storing messages and instant notifications to stakeholders. Online faxing helps manage businesses on-the-go- as against being tied to a physical fax machine, employees/service agents can employees can travel and make sales calls without having to worry about missing important faxes.

Integrate Salesforce and RingCentral to establish a uniform seamless working environment.

Salesforce enhances the performance of different principal functions of a business such as selling, service, and marketing, collaborate and build apps on a robust feature-rich platform. Businesses implement Salesforce to understand their customers, connect with them across platforms by choosing from their diverse selection of clouds and applications.

Integrating Salesforce CRM and RingCentral Fax brings out a comprehensive platform that records all key customer information and presents the same without toggling between applications. RingCentral Fax and Salesforce help business optimize their communication network while empowering their service agents with critical client information. Businesses can easily track progress with lead generation and generate reports on productivity using the dashboard option. A comprehensive 360-degree view of the customer and service standards is just a click away.


1. Seamless customer experiences through streamlined workflows:

Customer experience is now a key competitive differentiator; ensuring agents have access to customer information and support when they need it most means a better, more seamless, and consistent experience for your customers. The integrated platform helps track crucial task completion with offline and multi-call logging options. The business can obtain a 360° view of the customer with live-screen pop-ups while assessing team performance with the help of custom reports and dashboards.

2. Enhanced team productivity and agent efficiency:

When agents don’t need to handle multiple applications open and constantly switch between them for answers there is a lot of time saved and focus is undisturbed. The information flowing across relevant applications gives agents a solid understanding of the content and keeps external messages consistent for all customers. With the click-to-dial functionality in place, service teams can focus on expanding business with no compromise on service standards. Lead creation, account, and contact management can be handled on-call, as the case with logging in notes and scheduling meetings.

3. Security and less risk of data breaches:

While switching between systems, it is easy for agents to accidentally lookup records that don’t belong to the customer handled thus bringing the risk of giving out sensitive information belonging to a different customer. With the integration, data exchange can be controlled and agents can be given access to request relevant information on a single screen easily.

4. Establish a productive working environment anywhere:

With the rise of work and remote contact centers, unified communication platforms have become the backbone of a modern, digital workforce. With support extended for both Classic and Lightning platforms, the integration enables businesses to set up service and support infrastructure by extending capabilities of the communication system using the app as well.

5. Reduced operational costs and IT maintenance :

Contact centers cut costs by reducing the number of applications and licenses paid for as well as the reduction of maintenance costs and IT resources spent on systems. Paying for a single integrated platform is far more cost-effective than paying for multiple individual systems and additional integrations needed to connect them. Bringing one system in line with usability policies as well as security and compliance regulations also becomes much easier.

6. Scalable and easy employee onboarding:

Unified communications help scale teams, processes, and even internal training. With a single source of truth, new hires or contract resources can come up to speed with operations. When it does come to onboarding agents, all that is needed is to add users and set permissions for one platform rather than having to seek and set up a protocol with different logins to a welcome package.

By integrating the internal communication platform, Salesforce CRM, and customer-facing support channels service-agents can finally stop toggling and start delivering. However, the choice of the right integration service partner is which will determine if this exercise has been flagged off to the right start.

Why AppShark?

We are a Gold level certified Salesforce partner with more than 10 years of experience in Salesforce Implementation, Consulting, and Development. AppShark has garnered deep expertise spanning various industries. Our implementation process – including customization, set up, and configuration – has been perfected through the many years we have served in the Salesforce industry.

What is AppShark's RingCentral Salesforce Connect About?

AppShark's RingCentral Salesforce Connects gives seamless connectivity to client's RingCentral fax and Salesforce CRM. With this keeping an eye on all the incoming and outgoing fax, along with linking up of the senders details to the Salesforce from a single interface is made possible.

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