Salesforce Revenue Cloud: Features and Benefits

Published on
November 10, 2021

Salesforce introduced the Revenue Cloud, to give businesses the agility to make the buying process faster and easier, accelerate new revenue streams, and improve revenue efficiency. Their Revenue Cloud helps businesses take control of their revenue growth across every channel, by bringing together: CPQ and Billing, Partner Relationship Management (PRM), and B2B Commerce capabilities. Some newly added features include Multi-cloud billing, Customer asset lifecycle management, and Connector for CPQ.

Also, since Revenue Cloud is part of the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, it will allow companies to connect their sales, partner, operations, and finance teams to create one unified source of truth for revenue and customer transactions, from purchase to renewal, to revenue recognition! A unified source of access to multiple channels also enhances customer lifecycle management for a flawless customer journey.

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Features And Benefits Of Salesforce Revenue Cloud

1. An integrated solution with a single access point

Now, you won't need to rummage through multiple separate applications to find the information you need. With the Salesforce Revenue Cloud, one of the most significant benefits is that it enables its users to conveniently access each and every element in a single unified place.

2. Gives you access to information, across the entire organization, from anywhere

Along with the convenience of accessing all of its features at one unified place, businesses can also leverage any area of Salesforce Revenue Cloud from anywhere, no matter where they are in the world.

3. Increases time to value

The cloud's streamlined processes save its users precious time, while also providing new ways of increasing revenue, by creating new products and services, and facilitating collaboration across departments.

4. Automated features eliminate manual workload

The Revenue Cloud's automated features eliminate your team’s manual work process, like transcription of orders from one system to another, data reconciliation, etc.

The new customer asset lifecycle management tool eliminates the need to manually download dated order forms. Instead, a visual dashboard shows all relevant details, like customers' purchase history. It also keeps track of contracts and balances that provide a clear understanding of customer interaction.

5. Increases & accelerates revenue streams

For businesses with complex sales models or workflows, that elongate business processes, the Salesforce Revenue Cloud helps remove such redundancies. The cloud has an integrated billing system, that easily integrates single product catalogs and assimilates new revenue sources.

Also, with the Salesforce Revenue Cloud, your operations team can now quickly create new monetization strategies, from subscription-based product launching to implementation consumption pricing and beyond.

Plus, with the multi-cloud billing feature, your organization can generate revenue streams from other clouds on the same platform. Say, for example, your field service rep can generate revenue from onsite service, along with payment and billing processes, everything is done seamlessly on one single system.

6. Keeps you future-ready

By leveraging all the powerful features and capabilities of Salesforce Revenue Cloud, businesses can evolve into more agile companies, by making more effective decisions to help them reach the next level. This not only accelerates revenue growth in the present but also equips you better to face future business challenges

7. Optimizes performance to maximize ROI

The Revenue Cloud optimizes processes effectively, in order to maximize revenue. It offers a comprehensive aspect of every process, right from generating orders, to invoicing, to key performance indicators. It also goes on to make the ERP framework more efficient, that helps in accelerating customer interaction and generating actionable data, all of which together boost your ROI.

8. Revamping customer experience

The Salesforce Revenue Cloud CPQ provides your customers with a comprehensive view of your products and services. The latest CPQ-B2B Commerce connector allows your business to build digital storefronts, with carts powered with an unmatchable self-service experience!

This empowers them to conveniently fill their shopping carts with any product of their choice and seek discounts or enquire the rep directly.

And with the reps being able to view the entire product history, they can complete the transaction, as per customers’ preferences promptly, without any delay, drastically improving the consumer experience.

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Catering to its core purpose, Salesforce Revenue Cloud drastically speeds up the buying process, imparting agility to businesses. Being a 3-in-1 tool that solves the billing, e-commerce, and partner relationship challenges, the Revenue Cloud should be the chosen suite for businesses' accelerated revenue generation.

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