Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation for Connected Patient Experience

Published on
June 14, 2022

Healthcare organizations today need a platform that is intuitive and robust, to welcome customers across touchpoints and integrate with critical back-office systems, while also catering to compliance, privacy, and regulatory concerns. They need a patient-centric solution that provides services across the entire care continuum, along with supporting new capabilities with time.

The solution? Salesforce’s Health Cloud. Salesforce Health Cloud is a patient relationship platform to streamline care coordination between patients and caregivers. It aims to put every patient at the center of the care system and accomplishes it by providing a complete 360-degree view of the patient, smarter patient management, and a connected patient engagement experience.

Salesforce Health Cloud harnesses the power and security of the cloud, social and mobile technologies together, to deliver a real-time, holistic view of every patient’s data along with a care plan. It creates rich, contextual patient profiles that integrate patient data from the EHR, and even third-party data from medical devices (including wearables) measuring activity levels, sleep patterns, etc. This panoramic view of a patient provides care teams with easy access to clinical as well as non-clinical data, like current health conditions, medications, appointment history, and even communication preferences. All the information is available at a healthcare professional’s fingertips and is easily accessible and actionable from any device, helping them work smarter across patient groups and provide insightful care faster.

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How we built a custom patient management system for a leading HealthCare Provider using Salesforce Health Cloud

Benefits Of Salesforce Health Cloud For A Connected Patient Experience

1. Offer Solutions To/From Anywhere

In today's new normal, ie. an entirely digital, work-from-anywhere world, Salesforce is the leading solution. The core purpose of Salesforce Health Cloud is to merge new technologies and platform services to enable enterprises to achieve greater heights of productivity and success. Salesforce provides services that engage patients across devices and collaborate throughout the healthcare system to significantly improve outcomes. In order to create a tailored experience, EHR data, patient preferences, and treatment plans are all linked together, making it easy for teams to create and deliver intelligent, tailored experiences that nurture enduring, trusted relationships, irrespective of devices or geographic locations.

Salesforce Client 360’s ongoing innovation provides an increasing collection of tools for delivering an exceptional customer experience no matter where. Plus, Salesforce has also expanded its industry expertise with Vlocity technology to reimagine customer experience by integrating new industry-specific processes and applications.

2. Streamline Patient Experience

Even though every healthcare team aspires to provide the best possible patient care, their services are still under-managed due to the lack of a complete picture of the patients. Patients expect a smooth experience throughout the process of scheduling their initial consultation, to understand their insurance, and this can be catered to perfectly with Salesforce. Salesforce can be leveraged to improve the entire customer experience in healthcare by increasing value and generating results to revolutionize virtual sales, provider partnerships, patient engagement, and more.

SFDC for Health is well-versed with the intricacies of the industry and comes with custom solutions to assist you with its complex and unique touch points and scenarios.

3. Guide Patients With A Personalized Journey

Salesforce Health Cloud (for providers/healthcare organizations) offers transformation prospects to personalize patient journeys. Salesforce’s aggregated data can be used by health insurers to create coverage plans, hospitals can use it to track disease outbreaks, notify residents, and advise them on ways to keep safe. A dramatic shift towards preventative therapy can also be made to minimize system-wide costs while improving outcomes.

4. Intelligent Insights For Smarter Campaigns

Campaigns can be a great approach to keep patients involved with their healthcare providers while following their treatments. Salesforce Health Cloud enables your staff to participate in a connected experience by providing health education, appointment reminders, etc. It also assists you to create campaigns by identifying people with common needs. On this HIPAA-compliant platform, care teams are seamlessly connected to a 360-degree view of each and every patient.

The Salesforce solution for a connected patient experience helps you transform your call center, efficiently connect patients to care, as well as act on social determinants of health to further improve results. It can convert routine member contacts into opportunities for proactive care by providing intelligent insights and recommendations to service agents, helping them improve member health, while also lowering expenses.

Salesforce even provides valuable advice, like insurance policies, which helps develop trust and promotes long-term connections with members.

5. More Efficient Emergency Response

Salesforce is providing a free 30-day period trial for an emergency response to help you serve your community speedily and in a  coordinated manner when faced with a health emergency. This lets you pre-load data or upload your own, pre-configured workflows, dashboards, reports, and more during the trial. With the SFDC Health Cloud for Emergency Response, you can also improve patient access to care with self-service and digital triage for your contact center. The manual contact tracing facility can help you monitor potential exposure in your community too.

To better understand disease dissemination, you may also track different encounter types, like groups or individuals, or you may automate the monitoring and escalation of patients’ status. These provide your team with patient monitoring, human contact tracing, and automated follow-ups, so they are in a better position to quickly respond to any healthcare emergency. Salesforce also sends notifications at the right moment for medical assistance, along with allowing healthcare professionals to arrive quickly at the spot when/where assistance is required.

6. Care Team Productivity

The SFDC Health solution includes- prioritizing the patient page/Today Page, configuring patient setup, customization, and management of the care plan, population analytics, patient lists, patients segmentation filters, risk stratification, leading to patient conversion, and collaboration of the intra-care team.

7. Clinical Data Management

Salesforce Health Cloud includes- a clinical data model, HL7 compliant interface, EHR Data objects, EHR integration, and an Individual Patient Model.

Let AppShark Help You Build A Connected Patient Experience With Salesforce

Our team of Salesforce Health Cloud experts can help Health Care providers build the perfect working model with the right Salesforce Health Cloud integrations with their third-party systems (EHR, Laboratory Platforms, insurance portals, etc).
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