Sending faxes and documentation made easy with RingCentral Connect

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November 3, 2020

In a customer-centric service landscape- support agents are under pressure to deliver a positive experience that satisfies and helps retain customers while inspiring a positive word-of-mouth marketing. Providing a uniform experience particularly through voice and telecommunication has become a benchmark in an era where service teams struggle to maintain a single view of the customer across multiple channels. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and contact center inefficiencies which sooner or later impact the bottom line- sales and revenues.

The solution to this predicament is pretty straight forward- implement a robust CRM such as Salesforce and integrate it with the rest of the standalone applications.

Let us now step back and assess how this unfolds in the current context.

Sending faxes and customer service-

Any typical customer in need of a solution does not bother about what runs in the background, all that is required is a speedy and efficient solution that works and remains track -able. Communication and documented information run deep in the resolution aspect of customer service, with evolved faxing services in play. Missing and misplaced back and forth faxes are every business nightmare, which gives way into cloud based fax applications. But do businesses send faxes? Haven’t multiple alternatives such as cloud-based shared folders, FTP, and even Internet of Things (IoT) ‘wearable’ technologies seized the day? Aspects that need to be covered such as requiring a signature or those which fulfill legalities are reasons why businesses still use fax. There are a lot more very pertinent reasons why fax isn’t going away anytime soon that businesses or enterprises are aware of.

Cloud faxes and integrated applications-

The wave of cloud services and other public cloud offerings has been a driving factor in the manner with which businesses and consumers consume and share information. The evolution of cloud-based services has now enabled an ‘anywhere, anytime’ usage model where documents and data sharing can be done via any internet connected device. Cloud faxing is one such development; with email-based faxing over cloud networks that can be executed from any connected internet device or multifunction device/printer. Efax applications help route fax complaints into relevant departments or perhaps even an individual customer service agent. Similarly outgoing faxes can be sent by the service team directly from their email client, MS Office application or CRM system. Modern fax applications further allow for electronic archiving in a suitable format for future reference, thus enhancing the quality of on-call service by agents.

Market Research estimates, “The global online fax market is expected to cross $2.4 billion, growing impressively at a CAGR close to 11% during 2016−2022. Many organizations across the world still believe faxing is a securer way of communication than other modern methods.”

These applications-

  • Have a global reach with many businesses adapting to a cloud-based fax model that simplifies their existing workflows. Email-based faxing has the added benefit of not having to maintain fax servers, telco lines, maintenance agreements, etc.  
  • Benefits highly regulated sectors which need audits and delivery confirmation of legal documents to avoid compliance issues.
  • Are highly secure with adequate encryption layers, protocols and enhances security measures in place. Most documents themselves can be stored with Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit encryption while resting on cloud networks.
  • Can be integrated into core businesses systems such as Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems using flexible API s.

Enter RingCentral Fax

RingCentral Office is a cloud-based business communications system that provides enterprise-grade voice, fax, text, online meetings, conferencing, and collaboration. RingCentral Fax offers an easy, secure and convenient solution to send and receive faxes from any internet enabled device over an encrypted internet network. Businesses are assigned an online business account with which they can monitor all details of their fax communication without having to bother about other operational disruptions.

RingCentral and Salesforce Integration- RingCentral Connect

Salesforce enhances the performance of different principal functions of a business such as selling, service, and marketing, collaborating and building apps on a robust feature-rich platform. Businesses implement Salesforce to understand their customers, connect with them across platforms by choosing from their diverse selection of clouds and applications. By integrating Salesforce and RingCentral Fax machines, organizations and businesses can easily send and receive critical documents and other information exchanged via fax between different stakeholders. A unified communication platform addresses the difficulty of having to toggle between applications and communicate critical documentations to clients for service agents.

1. Enhanced team productivity and agent efficiency:

Documents received via RingCentral Fax are automatically assigned to the users based on the assigned fax number placed in the field. This automatically assigns and sends documents to the relevant users inbox along with a quick view of what has been sent and received as fax communication so far. This is particularly useful to call center agents who do not have to pause and go back to verify information.

2. Security and less risk of data breaches:

Integration between RingCentral Fax and Salesforce allows users to send important information and documentation to the selected RingCentral Fax number via Salesforce CRM without any danger of the data being mishandled.

3. Handling critical data and documents:

The integrated environment allows users to have a detailed look into the historical data of the documents sent and received via RingCentral Fax on their Salesforce CRM. This is particularly easy to resolve quick disputes. Further RingCentral Fax Connect allows users to track and monitor status of the documents sent via Salesforce to RingCentral Fax. This is useful for users to make decisions or assign queries that require follow-up based on the status.

4. Establish a productive working environment anywhere:

With the rise of work and remote contact centers, unified communication platforms have become the backbone of a modern, digital workforce. With support extended for both Classic and Lightning platforms, the RingCentral Fax and Salesforce integration enables businesses to set up service and support infrastructure by extending capabilities of the communication system using an app as well.

5. Reduced operational costs and IT maintenance:

Contact centers cut costs by reducing the number of applications and licenses paid for as well as the reduction of maintenance costs and IT resources spent on systems. Paying for a single integrated platform is far more cost-effective and fetching than paying for multiple individual systems and additional integrations needed to connect them. Bringing one system in line with usability policies as well as security and compliance regulations also becomes much easier.

Why AppShark's RingCentral Connect?

By integrating the RingCentral Fax platform and Salesforce CRM, and customer-facing support channels service-agents can finally stop toggling to send and verify faxes and start delivering. With our experience in developing industry specific Salesforce Integrations, we developed our solution RingCentral Connect.

Sending critical documents and faxes is made easy with this simple yet functional integration between the two systems. Know more about RingCentral Connect.

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