Integrating Salesforce with Right tools for effective lead management

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November 10, 2020

Collecting customer data helps improve nearly every aspect of the businesses; this applies to all kinds of industries, demographics of the target market, kind of goods and services, or size of the business.

Gartner states- “Growth Companies Are More Actively Collecting Customer Experience Data than Non-growth Companies”. This is a mere indicator of the direct relationship that exists between business growth and collecting consumer data and the need to tap into the potential of such data.

Customer data can give valuable insights into buyer persona that can serve as a road-map that can help discover a prospective customer's preferences, interests, goals, challenges, etc. These insights can also help brands match products with a qualified lead. Here is how that happens.

1. It helps businesses dig deeper into the market

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why companies collect consumer data is that it helps obtain a bigger and a more holistic understanding of how consumers behave online. It helps define their demographics, and identify aspects of how overall CX can be improved. Short-data helps businesses understand what customers want from a business, specific products/services they're looking for, and even how they prefer to interact with a brand. Greater knowledge about customers can aid in devising targeted strategies that fit their needs better and also improve how a brand interacts with its target audiences.

2. Improved marketing strategies

Businesses can easily collect IP addresses, email addresses, and even potentially phone numbers of the people who have interacted with the business at some point. Businesses can now reach out to them about future opportunities, improve the lead generation strategy, and accurately assess the actual level of interest a consumer has in the brand based on their company based on their responses to marketing efforts. We will discuss a lot more about lead generation and in detail in the successive segments.

3. Personalization of marketing efforts

Collecting data and analyzing it allows businesses to understand the kinds of products/services customers are interested in. It is possible to segment marketing strategies according to groups of consumers with similar interests, allow for auto-completion of payment methods, etc. It also provides a better understanding of devices that customers prefer to use while accessing the business website. This goes a long way towards improving the ROI, shortening the sales cycle, and helping the business make ambitious expansion plans.

Consumer data, Lead generation, and CRM

As per the marketing terminology, lead generation is how the brand manages to initiate consumer interest or enquiry about products or services of that particular business. Leads can be created or captured for purposes such as list building for e-newsletters, retention and referral programs, or any other allied selling effort. Now one of the major barriers to lead generation has been the lack of quality and adequate data to drive marketing campaigns.

Without a doubt, the business data available needs to play a key role in a lead generation strategy for true success in sales. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that the data gathered is of high quality and has the potential to be leveraged to the complete extent possible. Note the following points-

  • Every data-driven lead generation process must progress towards generating leads that can move up the sales cycle. The best top-of-the-funnel data is the key to generating better quality leads to this.
  • A robust CRM system that keeps track of all customer interactions and movements-businesses can easily use this data to identify patterns that lead to indicated qualified leads.
  • Smart CRM can use data from past consumer behavior to predict the likelihood of conversions. For example, if 35% of leads that download say a particular white paper and eventually convert, then a future lead that follows this behavior pattern should deserve more attention from the sales team.
  • A data-driven lead generation approach is that which can keep modern businesses competitive. The key to making this data truly productive goes beyond gathering it alone-applying it relevantly.

Salesforce CRM:

In every business, there are two interface points of customers one-to-one: Sales and support. In most businesses, representatives from either of these two teams are those who have access to customer data, update them as and when needed. This said the importance of these teams having full access to all relevant information about customers cannot be more emphasized. Before we get to that, let us recap what Salesforce CRMs can offer to a business.

Salesforce is arguably the most well-known CRM software on the market today, with its cloud-based applications that make it accessible and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. Salesforce excels by having scalable functionality and the ability to customize applications to suit business needs. The user interface is extremely easy to follow and highly intuitive allowing users to access from mobile and tablet devices. Perhaps the most notable aspect of Salesforce is that it integrates with many different third-party applications quickly and seamlessly.


Aeroleads is one of the most powerful prospecting software which helps businesses discover emails from business and resources associated with that business. It can extract details such as emails, phone numbers, addresses, and help generate relevant and accurate business leads in real-time. The application also helps automate the process of generating leads. Their Google Chrome extension allows businesses to capture real-time contact data from reliable sources such as Google, LinkedIn, and social media accounts.

Data such as business emails of decision-makers with the title, location, and company email s with phone numbers can be extracted. The application also allows data to be exported to sites such as LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, AngelList, Crunchbase, Xing, and integrates with popular CRMs like Salesforce & Hubspot.

Integrating Salesforce and Aeroleads for leads management:

Consider the scenario where a sales representative that has a meeting with the customer, and has run again into a prospect that now seems interested but had been dismissed as a cold lead a while ago. Now there is potential to close two deals at the same time and place, had this cold lead been nurtured with adequate emails, offers, and other marketing material all along. A Salesforce integrated environment needs to be established to trigger a marketing campaign periodically to follow up on such customers who have expressed a product or service at some point.

The Salesforce CRM platform gives all functions; including marketing, sales, commerce, and service — a single, shared view of every customer. It helps dig deeper with customer data and metrics gathered, including those from other sources. The CRM platform can help collate, tabulate, and organize customer data, which then becomes easy to interpret with reporting. This then trickles down to other benefits that become available once this usable data is made available. However, CRM tools are not exclusively made for marketers alone, and cannot be used as a standalone application to fuel lead generation efforts. Hence the need to build a solution with Salesforce that primarily targets the needs of marketers, for lead generation needs to be built.

Combining the features of both Salesforce and Aeroleads by integrating these applications can help marketing and sales functions enhance conversions. Aeroleads pulls critical customer information from customer fields and populates the same against the relevant fields in the Salesforce CRM. The two way data sync can help replicate the same from Salesforce and Aeroleads as well ensuring availability of updated uniform customer information. The data can thus be effectively put to use for lead marketing and other allied sales efforts. The right Salesforce integration partner can help businesses get started in this direction.

AppShark provides the right kind of integration for your business . - Integration between Aeroleads and your Salesforce helps in effective lead management or any other customisation that can address specific business needs.. Get in touch with us to state your needs for our consultants to guide you further. Get in touch.

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