Salesforce Datacor ERP Integration- Maximizing RoI

Published on
August 9, 2021

Salesforce is the world's leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Over the years, Salesforce has evolved into a business solution that gives enterprises of all sizes the ability to deeply understand customers, drive automation and productivity. Datacor ERP (formerly known as Chempax) is popular enterprise resource planning software designed for chemical manufacturers and distributors that brings all operations together under one platform for centralized inventory, procurement, manufacturing, business intelligence, accounting, customer services and more. Datacor provides enterprises support to streamline operations, maintain data integrity and optimize processes that drive productivity.

Now imagine what will happen if both Salesforce and Datacor ERP come together and work as a connected platform?

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Why Integrate Salesforce With Datacor ERP?

Salesforce Datacor ERP integration can help you in

  • Automatic mapping your Datacor ERP data to Salesforce.
  • Sync your Datacor ERP contacts, invoices, orders, payments, etc., with Salesforce
  • Convert Salesforce Accounts/Opportunities/Orders to Datacor Customers and Sales Orders/Invoices.
  • View your Datacor data in Salesforce and vice versa
  • Integrate transactions in two directions between your CRM and Chempax.

When you integrate Salesforce with your Datacor ERP system you enhance the power of both systems. Employees across departments – sales, customer support, executives, and finance – gain access to the same information, which helps ensure alignment across teams. Here are some key benefits of Salesforce Datacor ERP integration-

1. Get All Access from Either of the Systems

Some of your employees may know one platform better than the other. The sales team, for example, will be more comfortable working with Salesforce, while people on inventory and production will be comfortable working on Datacor ERP system. Integrating Salesforce with Datacor systems will allow your employees to work on their preferred system. No need to toggle between two systems as they will get all required data at one place.

2. Better Communication

An integrated Salesforce Datacor ERP system will also greatly improve communication across your various teams. For example: The inventory team works in the ERP system. When they communicate with your sales team, the Datacor ERP will have all the information the inventory team needs, including the data residing in Salesforce.

This allows finance and sales to have more effective discussions. Neither feels like there is a piece missing because they lack information. They also contact each other less often because they have access to the same data, regardless of their system of choice.

3. Extract More Insightful Information

The integration will ensure that each system has more data which will provide your employees with more detailed and relevant information. This will help them derive actionable insights and make smarter decisions faster and know what actions to take. The leadership would also be able to get a complete view of the entire operations.

4. Prevent Costly Errors

Manual data entry leads to errors which can be costly at times. Working on multiple systems can also lead to data duplication. Integration systems have automated checks and balances to ensure the data is clean. Your employees will no longer have to do multiple data entry or waste time identifying and fixing errors.

5. Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Integrating your Salesforce and Datacor ERP systems will provide you with a 360-degree view of your customers, right from buying behavior to order history and payments. This information will help your Sales reps better understand and maintain strong relationships with your customers.

How to Integrate Salesforce with Datacor ERP?

You can integrate your Datacor ERP with Salesforce in 2 ways

  • AppExchange Connectors- There are several connectors available in AppExchange which you can use to integrate Salesforce with your ERP. However, these connectors will have their limitations and are not idle for complex integrations. You will also not have many options to customize the integration as per your needs.
  • Custom Integration- Here you need to hire a salesforce integration provider who will custom integrate the two systems as per your needs. You can customize the integrations as per your exact needs.

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