Salesforce Development

Get a comprehensive understanding of your organizational potential with our drafting, designing, and developing services
Our certified Architects, Developers, Testers, Business Analysts, and Project Managers are trained to analyze your requirements and develop custom Salesforce and multi-platform solutions that align with your business processes.

AppShark’s development team has the expertise to deliver the following:

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Lightning Web Components
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Unmanaged & Managed packages
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Custom applications
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Services (Apex)
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AppExchange apps
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API-based integration
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Non-Salesforce (Java/node/.net etc.) components/services where required
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Robotic Process Automation
Salesforce development

DevOps Experts

AppShark comprises a DevOps team that focuses on assisting companies with complex Salesforce instances. DevOps is a set of practices that involve regularly integrating code into a shared repository and then automating deployments of those changes to different environments including production. This can lead to increased agility, higher-quality releases, and improved overall efficiency in managing and evolving the Salesforce environments.

How do we work?

We understand your specific requirements and challenges and tailor a customized DevOps approach with appropriate CI/CD tools that will address your unique requirements. As part of our engagement, our team will also provide training to your internal development team on the DevOps approach, and mentor them continuously on the ongoing development to help them adapt to evolving best practices and industry standards.


Our Core Technology Services

Implementation Solutions

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Integration Capabilities

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Development Expertise

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