8 Advantages of Custom Software Development

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May 13, 2020

A recent article from Gartner makes predictions about how in 2020 and beyond businesses are slated to bring about noteworthy changes in workflows, how employees function, and the role of technology in the entire scheme of these developments.

Gartner explains that “Organizations will therefore gravitate toward a new work philosophy called We Working. This philosophy involves designing small and flexible teams in response to fluctuating workloads, shrinking time frames, and intense flurries of information exchange and coordination.”

These predictions of major change point to an increased need for Custom Software Development.

The Future Role of Custom Software Development

Evolving business landscapes require a hybrid workplace that embraces unique workflows, both physical and digital. Therefore, it is crucial that the technology supports the functioning of such workflows and allows flexibility for all stakeholders.

In the article quoted above, Gartner goes on to emphasize the role of business applications while taking into account the current mindset and expectations of the average consumer.

Applications (such as custom development software) are entirely tailored to functional requirements. However, fixed solutions on a desktop with limited capabilities hamper growth and decelerate productivity in an agile and fluid business environment.

Why Custom Software Development Is Important?

Increasing demands for a user-friendly, adaptable, and automated workplace simultaneously invigorates work strategy, drives competitive advantage, and raises performance levels of employees.

AI tools, personalized portfolios of applications, tools, and smart technology creates an intelligent digital skilled work environment that raises the bar.

Business Assessment Questions

Consider the following questions when planning for custom software development.

  • Are there certain unique critical attributes to your business operations?
  • Is there a need to collaborate and connect with any two departments consistently?
  • Is stagnancy or lack of a competitive edge?
  • Are there processes that can be expedited with the help of a consolidated application?
  • Is there a potential for large scale streamlining of regular operations with use of technology?
  • Is the growth part of the immediate business  plans?
  • How user or vendor friendly is the current software?
  • Could technology impact consumer purchasing patterns and improve revenues?
  • Would an application be able to facilitate the consumer’s purchasing process?

If you answered yes to many of the questions above, custom software solutions would be a wise investment in the long run.

Advantage of Custom Software Development Solutions

Custom software is a software solution that is created and developed to specifically address individual unique requirements for a particular organization, brand, or business.

These solutions typically help improve efficiency, boost productivity, and work to enhance revenues. These improvements are possible because they were developed with specific, clear cut objectives in mind.

You may be familiar with off-the-shelf software products. Mass produced packaged software caters to a broad audience. Microsoft Word is one such example designed for a mass consumer base as a solution to the everyday needs of its users.

Off-the-shelf consumer software products encompass a wide array of features, but they do not meet the challenge of specific needs as custom software would.

Custom software development begins at the grassroots. This involves assessing the needs of the organization, focusing on specific solutions, the development phase, and release of a software product made for a single entity.

8 Benefits Of Using a Custom Software Application for Your Business

Investing in custom software applications is a big decision considering the risk factor and unpredictable situations.

When you consider the benefits of having an app that meets the complete scope of requirements, it becomes clearer why custom software benefits your organization.

1. Unique Ownership of The Source Code

As a deliverable, all code and material is usually handed over to the business by the developers. This cuts out the need for recurring monthly fees and contractor/support expenses for its usage.

With a custom product on hand, the ability of the product to be developed and modified is viable compared to ready made products.

This allows for a natural uptake of the product with all stakeholders along with reduced churn rates. Owning the product maximizes its value in the long run.

2. Enhanced Security Features

Developers who create software applications from scratch are usually knowledgeable about security breaches, so they are in a better position to attend to issues and help protect sensitive information, this is particularly appropriate for e-commerce sites.

Customized software also has the ability to be integrated with an efficient security system that delivers improved online security.

3. Greater Adaptability Through Full Control Of The Development Process

Bespoke or custom software solutions easily accommodate process changes, increased workloads, and additional integrations.

This flexibility allows for the necessary expansion and also adapts to changing business needs/objectives and can help drastically reduce the downtime as custom software can more easily adapt and integrate to new changes.

4. Reliability and Scalability

Custom apps also act as a reliable support system by enabling the business to deliver quality services on time (as long as it has a dependable system in place).

Custom applications are designed to embrace change, particularly those associated with business expansion and growth in a way off-the-shelf products simply cannot.

5. Long Term Cost Effectiveness

The initial investment in custom software development could be quite substantial at the onset, due to upgrades, unpredictable man hour costs, solution costs.

Maintenance costs are typically minimal and there is the potential to save money on software costs over time.

6. Support and Maintenance

There are limitations to the support that big brand software can offer. Long term support and the necessary upgrades may not be available.

Having a custom application in place allows you to have your own trained in-house personnel or hire professional contractors available to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.

7. Brand Image And Innovation

The willingness to develop software as per business needs conveys a strong message on valuing in-house processes and commitment. This flatters the brand as being innovative.

Streamlining process flows and keeping pace with industry changes builds upon brand reputation.

8. Scope Of Integration

With a custom software application, the need to use multiple software programs for varied requirements can be ruled out. One custom made software program is designed to integrate various processes to help streamline and optimize operations.

During each stage of development, the developer can help include different user-based requirements, create additional modules, and provide the scope for upgrades, thereby creating a flexible technological environment.

With the potential of the scope to change periodically, newer applications allow these adaptations without hampering the existing business processes.

Get the Benefits of Custom Development Software

New technology can be intimidating, but planning for custom software solutions does not have to be stressful.

Now is a great time to start planning, but it does take time to do the research, assess all the factors, and find the right developers and service providers.

Technology is an inevitability, and having the right custom software solutions for your business is how you successfully adapt to the changes that are already here or on the horizon.

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