How Salesforce Helps Travel Companies Offer Personalized Services To Customers

Published on
January 28, 2020

New technologies have significantly transformed the way we live and work. It has also changed the way we travel. Today’s travelers are empowered with more choice and a lot more information. The arrival of Airbnb, Tripadvisor, and Lyft, etc., have raised their expectations. Today there’s a premium on experience. Travelers just don’t want better deals but also customized customer services to make their travel comfortable and memorable.

Satisfying the modern travelers’ needs and wants, require a better understanding of their interests and behaviors. Salesforce offers the right technology stack to equip travel companies to personalize each guest’s experience and offer them superior services at every step of their journey.

Salesforce Products To Elevate Your Brand Experience

Salesforce offers a range of products and solutions that can help travel brands offer a seamless experience to their customers. Some of the key products that can help your business are-

  • Salesforce Audience Studio- You need to understand your customers better to offer services tailored to their individual needs. Salesforce Audience Studio, a powerful data management platform, helps you gain actionable insights from data captured from multiple touchpoints. The data platform helps you in
    • Unifying data from disparate sources to offer a complete experience.
    • Create engaging customer journeys
    • Makes compliance easier
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud- Personalization is the key to memorable customer engagement. Salesforce Marketing Cloud equips your travel business with the right tools to get optimal results from your marketing initiatives. The platform leverages AI, Google Analytics 360 and has many products like Journey Builder, Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Social Studio, etc., that can help you in-
    • Get a unified view of the customer
    • Personalize every customer engagement
    • Build powerful customer journeys
    • Measure the campaign effectiveness
    • Gain deep insights
  • Salesforce Service Cloud- A quick responsive customer support is vital to the success of every travel business. Travelers want companies to accommodate their on-demand requests and a quick resolution of their issues. Salesforce Service Cloud helps you build a world-class customer support team. It helps you-
    • Make your customer support accessible across all channels including phone, online, and chat, etc.
    • Quick issue resolution by empowering agents with information and productivity tools
    • Self-service portals and communities to help customers find answers themselves.
    • Scale services with instant chat support
  • Salesforce AppExchange- The Salesforce AppExchange is a cloud-based marketplace with plug-n-play apps and solutions to further enhance Salesforce capabilities. The app store has several prebuilt apps that can provide quick solutions to your focussed needs.

The travel industry is facing new challenges. Customer demand is soaring high while customer loyalty is fickle. But it also offers a tremendous opportunity for businesses to reimagine their operations, leverage technology to disrupt and innovate. Salesforce products can arm you with all the tools to deliver great experiences to your customers.

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Salesforce CRM is the most widely used across all industries, check how Salesforce solutions helps travel companies give a great customer experience.

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