How Salesforce CPQ Software Creates Accurate & Professional Quotes

Published on
September 17, 2019

Many sales teams face problems automating and quickly creating accurate price quotes. Automating the process of creating pricing quotes can be tricky. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t fit here as organizations have varied product categories, pricing, and discount rules. Factoring in all the rules, in different scenarios, can get complex which requires high-level configuration and customization.

Salesforce CPQ efficiently addresses this problem by providing the sales teams with a suite of tools to easily incorporate the complex product and pricing rules and produce highly configured price quotes. CPQ can help reps by allowing them to configure products, the pricing details, and price differentiation based on customer category, region, currency, etc. It also helps with any additional configurations and even suggests appropriate add-ons, such as extended service contracts and complementary products, etc., to complete a sales quote.

The result- Sales teams can focus more on selling and other important activities without spending time and energy on creating quotes.

What is CPQ?

Configure Price Quote software or CPQ software is a sales tool or suite of tools designed by Salesforce to help organizations create accurate, professional and customized sales quotes. It brings all the available pricing and customer data in the form of a centralized platform that is accessible in real-time. Salespersons can, at the click of a button, create and share sales quotes that are not only detailed and precise but also tailored to the needs of their clients.

Salesforce CPQ Benefits To Sales Teams

Key benefits the CPQ brings to the Sales Team are:

  1. Streamlines the sales process.
  2. Automates creating sales quotes thereby saving time.
  3. Helps to manage complex product mix and pricing rules
  4. Helps create a guided selling process and win more deals.
  5. Boosts the productivity of sales reps.
  6. Drives customer satisfaction.

As a thumb rule, if the company has a large sales team and they spend most of the day creating proposals and quotes, it is advisable to use CPQ to power your Sales team with the ability to create sales quotes on the road and save their precious time and efforts.

Salesforce CPQ Checklist

Here is a checklist to know whether your business needs a Salesforce CPQ or not-

  1. Is the product classification complex? Do you need bundles or grouping for your product mix?
  2. How is the sale done? Individual-level or group level or channel sales?
  3. Do you need volume-based pricing?
  4. How are the discounts offered?
  5. What’s your approval process?
  6. Do you have different quotes for different groups, say Retrofits and Direct sales?
  7. Is your team sending inaccurate quotes?

Find a Salesforce CPQ Implementation Partner

Once you’ve decided that Salesforce CPQ is right for you then the next important step is to find an implementation partner. If you want to get maximum value from CPQ, you need to customize it to match your company's needs and goals. If you are looking to get maximum value from customization, then it is important to find the best Salesforce consultant.  

A good Salesforce consulting company will provide you with end-to-end support to make Salesforce CPQ work for your company. With certified consultants and experience working on various projects, they would understand the sales process, product structures, pricing mechanisms, discount handling processes, quotes, orders and invoice management with a detailed discovery process. And, then customize the CPQ as per your business needs. They would also help you in user onboarding and boost adoption through training.

Once the CPQ is live, your sales team can use it to create accurate and professional quotes and win more deals.

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