How Retailers Can Leverage Salesforce To Create Engaging Customer Experience

Published on
January 14, 2020

In the last decade, new technologies like social, mobile, cloud, digital and now AI etc., have transformed the retail industry. New models of engagement, fulfilment and customer experience have evolved and continue to do so. For most retail customers, a great retail experience is important, regardless of whether they are shopping in-store or online.

Executing a unified customer experience requires seamless integration across POS, ecommerce, mobile apps, order management, and in-store experience. However, point solutions won’t be able to deliver a unified customer experience. It requires a platform.

Salesforce offers a range of products and solutions for retailers to create a customized retail platform to help them offer personalized customer experiences to their customers. Put together, Salesforce products can put the saying, ‘The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts’ into action. Let’s look at these products in detail-

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Personalization and omnichannel are key to almost any customer engagement. Customers want every interaction with the businesses to be personalized, regardless of whether the engagement is happening on a phone, chat or social media. Salesforce Marketing Cloud arms retailers with the right tools to get top dollar from their marketing initiatives. The platform has many products like Journey Builder, Email Studio, Audience Studio, Mobile Studio, Social Studio, Advertising Studio etc., that can help you in-

  1. Get a 360-degree view of the customer by connecting data from multiple sources.
  2. Personalize every customer engagement leveraging data and AI.
  3. Create engaging customer journeys
  4. Measure the campaign effectiveness leveraging AI and Google Analytics 360.
  5. Extract insights to further sharpen your campaigns.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud, a Software As A Service Solution, allows you to create and manage your e-commerce store and personalize shopping experiences for your customers. It is available in B2C and B2B versions. The Commerce Cloud helps retailers in-

  • Drive Customer Experience through funnel optimization, mobile commerce, and social media extensions.
  • Smart Merchandising with dynamic customer segments, merchandising rules, and AI-powered recommendations.
  • Drive revenue with product recommendations, search suggestions and predictive data.
  • Drive innovation with Storefront Reference Architecture, Open Commerce APIs, and developer-friendly tools.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Great retail experience requires quick and responsive customer support. Salesforce Service Cloud can provide you with all the tools for building a robust customer support team. It helps retailers in-

  • Enabling different access points for customer support like phone, online, and chat etc.
  • Providing their agents with all the information and knowledge at a single to instantly address a customer's issue.
  • Scale support and boost productivity with AI-powered chatbots.
  • Creating self-service portals and communities.

Salesforce Customer 360

Salesforce Customer 360 is a tool that allows retailers to connect various Salesforce apps and create a unified customer ID to build a single view of the customer. The single ID helps you map a customer’s interaction with your brand’s different digital assets and get a unified view. The unified view can help retailers in creating trigger-based engagement with the customers and help them be at the right place, at the right time.

In an age where customer experience has become a differentiating factor, retailers need to up their game to attract and convert customers. Delivering engaging customer experiences can help you move ahead of the competition. Salesforce products & solutions can arm you with the right tools to delight your customers.

You would need the services of an expert Salesforce partner to implement and customize the various Sales products. We’re proud to be a Salesforce Gold Partner with over 500 projects under our belt. Email us at to discuss how we can help you solve your pressing business problems.

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