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Our certified team has aced hundreds of projects, from new Salesforce setups to refreshing existing ones. We customize to fit your needs, making your data flow seamlessly for better, real-time decisions. Boost productivity and employee satisfaction with our expertise!

Overview of our packages:

Aspect Quick Start Implementation Base Implementation Standard Implementation
Expected Time to Go Live 2 - 4 Weeks 8 - 10 Weeks 16 - 24 Weeks
User Licenses & Business Size Up to 10 user licenses; Business with up to 50 employees Up to 50 user licenses; Business with up to 200 employees 50+ user licenses; Business with 200+ employees
Customization Requirements Minimal customization requirements Customizations required Extensive customization of Salesforce org
Scope of Implementation Out-of-the-box features with limited scope Out-of-the-box features with a limited set of customizations Implement & customize Salesforce to align with business needs & processes
Integration with Other Systems Basic integrations for improved productivity Basic integrations; Install and configure AppExchange packages Install and configure AppExchange packages; Follow best practices in managing implementation/releases; Work with Sandboxes
Training Approach Train end-users or offer to train someone in the organization (train-the-trainer) Train end-users or offer to train someone in the organization (train-the-trainer) Train end-users or offer to train someone in the organization (train-the-trainer)
Pros Faster Go-Live, fixed cost if within predefined scope, better understanding of Salesforce early on Faster Go-Live, fixed cost if within predefined scope, more customized instance leading to increased adoption and ROI Iterative or phased implementation, flexibility, controlled rollout, potential for automation, efficiency, and integration
Cons Limited features and customization, potential slower adoption Slower Go-Live, limited to out-of-the-box features and customizations, no advanced integrations Standard layouts only, potential for a less-than-desirable user experience, ongoing maintenance may be required
Next Steps Access to trained Salesforce Administrator through Managed Services; Consider customizations and integrations later Access to trained Salesforce Administrators and Developers through Managed Services; Consider AppExchange apps; Ongoing maintenance support Look for apps on AppExchange; Consider ongoing maintenance support with Monthly Managed Services; Work with Salesforce Partner for large implementations

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