Salesforce for Food & Beverage Industry

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September 20, 2021

The food & beverage industry is witnessing an exponential steep in new players turning up with competent sales and marketing methodologies. Courtesy, the increasing profitability, and disposable income garnered instantly. But, in order to excel in the industry, you need to make decisions quickly, which requires a prompt and efficient solution like Salesforce. Why Salesforce you ask? Before we get into the detailed answer, here's a short one.

Sysco, the world's largest food distributor, keeps their customer-company philosophy at front and center on their website, and in everything they do. Their 8,500+ sales team depends on Salesforce to track opportunities and manage relationships. The company sells to 400,000+ customers in the U.S., Canada, and Ireland and uses Salesforce for keeping employees connected and working together to help customers.

"Salesforce is helping our entire business grow. In Houston alone, we’re up 14 percent year over year” vouches for Wayne Shurts, CTO, Sysco. “With Salesforce, we have a level of visibility to customers that we never had before, and we’re able to collaborate to help them much more effectively, which is key for our continued growth” he adds.

You too should leverage Salesforce's powerful platform full of endless possibilities, to grow your business by considerably improving workforce productivity & customer satisfaction.  Manage your entire business using one real-time, all-inclusive ERP & CRM software solution, that too without the need of maintaining expensive IT infrastructure or software upgrades.

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Salesforce For Food & Beverage Benefits And Features

1. Connect employees, partners, and customers with information and experts

Salesforce Community Cloud's 'Chatter' can transform your business, by connecting employees, partners and customers with information and experts through next-gen communities and portals. Employees (from across the globe) can access Salesforce records, share information, and trade best practices from their mobile devices. They can even collaborate from anywhere, bridging geographical gaps among operations.

2. Optimize field execution

With the Salesforce for Consumer Goods Cloud, you can design and deploy territories, build plans, and optimize field team visit routes. You can take advantage of the best-in-class digital tools to grow your business, by collaborating with your partners. It helps integrate planning and strategic budgeting while improving your field reps' efficiency and in-store execution. Plus, you can also live track teams to mobilize them anytime a need arises.

3. Empower your reps

Salesforce enables your sales reps to serve retail outlets and their customers more productively. Salesforce Sales Cloud's 'Einstein Analytics' delivers an intelligent experience for your company by providing reps out-of-the-box Key Performance Indicators, like inventory stock-outs or percent orders increase per store visit.

AI helps them optimize compliance and product placements too. Consumer Goods Cloud's 'Einstein Vision' offers an object detection and image recognition solution to enable easy inventory, planogram, and merchandising compliance checks. Reps can also conveniently analyze the progress of their business across stores.

With improved forecast accuracy, it ensures that they are spending the right time, in the right place. In addition, it helps connect you with what they see and learn in the store, enabling an overall better experience for everyone.

4. Streamline repetitive tasks

Salesforce assigns your field reps a list of prioritized store visits every day, along with required and suggested activities, with in-app map functionality. Other repetitive tasks, such as inventory audits and compliance, planogram checks, return order processing and surveys, etc. are also streamlined by Salesforce. Reps at stores also get access to customizable templates based on store or segment types, to make sure that specific store requirements are met every time.

5. Enable reps to build relationships and drive sales

With Einstein Vision, a rep can simply take a picture of a store shelf and immediately know if it is set up correctly, without the need of manually counting and entering the data into their system. Salesforce also helps field reps to ensure that shelves are always in stock, and pricing and promotions are aligned to expected sales activity. This helps field reps save valuable time on auditing and invest it in things that matter most - building relationships with customers.

6. Drive intelligent growth

Count on Einstein for Consumer Goods to infuse intelligence across your sales processes. It lets you easily track lead volume, conversion rates, and every part of your business pipeline for a real-time, unified, 360-degree view of the state of your business. AI-driven insights, data, reports, and dashboards help you identify the key areas of growth and determine the best course of action.

7. Optimize revenue growth and maximize your marketing ROI

Harness the potential of AI-powered insights and data for building target audiences and delivering personalized messages at scale, to effectively increase brand awareness and relevancy. Make your budget work for you by measuring and maximizing your marketing ROI.

8. Win loyalty through delightful consumer experience

Leverage Salesforce’s Service Cloud to build smarter and more personalized engagements at scale. With insights on customer behavior, increase brand loyalty with intelligent merchandising, subscriptions, payment methods, customizable content, and a connected experience through delivery and fulfillment. Offer seamless, relevant, and timely messages, and integrated customer support to delight your valuable customers and win long-term loyalty.

9. Engage with customers productively on social media

While you engage with customers on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help your company listen to conversations about your brand and communicate one-on-one with customers. You also gain insights into your competitors. Also, as soon as an issue arises, you are notified to address it right away.

The Social Studio part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you personalize your social media interaction on various handles through a single touchpoint in turn earning you crucial customer loyalty points.

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