Providing Integrated Customer Experience with Salesforce Customer 360

Published on
June 12, 2020

With the world no longer the same around us, a common word which we are beginning to hear more is Integrated Customer Experience and Omni Channel. ‘Salesforce Customer 360’  the latest offering aims to be this point of truth by creating a single view of a customer across every touch point- phone, store, or digital channels.

In this article, we’ll discuss Salesforce Customer 360 and continuous omni channel experiences leveraging it.

What is Salesforce Customer 360?

Salesforce Customer 360 helps you to centralize all your customer data and create a unique ID that can be accessed and used across processes and departments in your organization. Customer 360 creates a unique ID for each customer so as to stitch together multiple records of that across different systems. For example, if Mike Roberts is a customer record in Sales Cloud, another record in Marketing Cloud, and another in Service Cloud, the system knows that Mark  is one person, not three people, and gives it a unique ID to track his interactions at various touch points. Businesses can use the ID to know where and how Mark engaged last with the company and take the conversation from there.

Customer 360 enables businesses to deliver integrated customer experience at scale. Some of the major features of the Customer 360 platform are-

  • Get 360-degree customer view
  • Run targeted marketing campaigns using Advanced Audience Segmentation
  • Create personalized customer experiences
  • Create optimized customer journeys
  • AI-driven process optimization

AT&T will leverage Salesforce’s entire portfolio including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, MuleSoft, Tableau and Einstein. Sales and Service Cloud will give the company’s store employees a 360-degree view of every customer engagement. MuleSoft will be used to connect distributed applications, devices, systems and processes. Tableau will help in data analysis and extracting insights on customers.

Salesforce’s AI technology Einstein will be used to provide intelligent and personalized recommendations and automate routing support cases and professional services, to provide personalized experiences to customers.

Delivering Integrated Customer Experience With Customer 360

Customers are demanding integrated experiences across touch points including websites, apps, retail stores and online support. Across industries, business leaders too are recognizing the competitive advantage of delivering an integrated customer experience. They know that customer experience is a huge differentiating factor in today’s business landscape.  

A Salesforce Customer 360 pilot projects a 50% reduction in time to issue resolution and 66% lesser clicks by the service agent to deliver a solution.

As per Salesforce "State of the Connected Customer" report, 73% of customers expect brands to understand their expectations, and so delivering personalized, integrated customer experiences are becoming much more important than ever.

Delivering an integrated customer experience is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses due to their data existing in silos. To deliver a continuous CX, businesses need to unlock their data and make it accessible across various systems and processes. Salesforce Customer 360 helps businesses overcome these data challenges and build a single, unified view of your customer.

The Salesforce- AT&T partnership will move the needle in customer experience and engagement.  Salesforce Customer 360 will make data available across systems by creating a common source of data. By connecting data and customer experiences, businesses can optimize key business KPIs like time to resolution, increased shopping carts, and higher customer satisfaction.

AppShark For Creating Integrated Customer Experiences

Salesforce Customer 360 makes it easy to deliver a continuous omni channel experience. However, you would need an implementation partner with deep authority over Salesforce products to customize, implement and maintain the solution as per your business needs. Over the years, AppShark has helped businesses of all sizes in driving their customer experiences. We are a Salesforce gold consulting partner and product development partner based in Dallas, TX and has experience completing over 500 projects across industries. If you’re planning to deploy Customer 360 or or need services from our expert Salesforce consultants, please connect with us at

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