Salesforce for Nonprofits: The Essentials

Published on
April 22, 2020

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Salesforce is considered one of the most extensive CRM software options for businesses. Many organizations across the globe rely on Salesforce products for their sales, marketing, and other efforts. Salesforce also provides CRM for nonprofits that can help social organizations build stronger relationships with donors, reach out to more people for contribution, engage the community and automate processes to free up more time to spend on causes.

Salesforce Nonprofit CRM is a platform that provides a 360-degree view of your organization and mission. The customized CRM for nonprofits can be used by organizations to manage their entire operations, as well as monitor and measure the impact of their work and drive the productivity of team members. The AI driven-CRM also helps organizations harness data and delivers actionable insights to create personalized journeys for constituents and enhance the impact of your work.

Some of the main benefits of Salesforce for nonprofits are:

  1. Eliminates data silos by bringing all the data from multiple sources to one place.
  2. Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack offers all the customization options to meet your specific needs.
  3. Mobile access allows your staff to work on-the-road.
  4. Comprehensive reporting & analytics to help you make informed decisions.
  5. Powerful security features to protect your information and data.

Salesforce Nonprofit CRM- The 360-degree Impact

Salesforce nonprofit CRM can power your entire operations- from constituent management and fundraising to marketing communications.

Constituent Management

As a nonprofit organization, you need to know your supporters and build strong relationships with them through personalized engagements. With Salesforce for nonprofits, you can be at the top of your supporter’s information, and use it to create effective strategies for engagement and fundraising.

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), an open-source solution, gives organizations the foundation to quickly implement Salesforce for your organization. The NPSP creates the building blocks for constituent and donor management by providing easy to use tools to manage donations, volunteers, programs, and supporters- all in one place!  


For your mission to move forward, you need to find new ways to raise money. Building a great experience with your constituent base to create a long-lasting relationship can boost your fundraising capabilities. Salesforce CRM provides an advanced fundraising platform to promote supporter relationships. It also offers personalization at all levels for your organization’s constituents, mission, teams, communications, and even each individual's fundraising work style.

Some of the main fundraising features of the Salesforce CRM include the following :

  • Online Fundraising: In the digital world, nonprofit organizations can get a lot of support online. You can enable online donations on your website and integrate it with Salesforce to capture and manage all your donations from one system.
  • Matching Gifts: Matching gifts are very popular with corporates. Salesforce nonprofit CRM offers you tools to easily set up matching gifts programs. With custom Salesforce integration, you can set it up as per your exact needs.
  • Peer-to-peer Fundraising: If you want to leverage the network of your existing supporters or in case they are looking to contribute more to the cause then Peer-to-peer fundraising is the best way. Salesforce allows you to easily manage your Peer-to-peer fundraising programs.

Marketing Communications

Salesforce for nonprofits empowers you to comprehensively manage your marketing communications by taking control of all relevant channels, including the following:

  • Email Marketing: Email is a powerful channel for reaching out to your supporters, engaging them and informing them about your work and raising funds. Salesforce provides you with the right tools to sharpen your email marketing campaigns. Salesforce Pardot implementation can help you create beautiful email campaigns, optimize email scheduling and deliverability, and conduct multivariate testing to drive results.
  • Social Media Engagement: Social channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have become popular platforms for nonprofits to foster personal engagement and build strong relationships with people. Salesforce CRM allows you to be at the top of your social media efforts by helping you effectively engage with your supporters, measure your efforts and sharpen your strategies.
  • Mobile Marketing: Any marketing strategy today must take a mobile-first approach. Salesforce CRM allows you to easily connect with your supporters through messaging, push, SMS marketing campaigns, etc., on-the-go.

Einstein Analytics and Insights

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) provides reports and dashboards to help you track and know all about your processes and progress. Salesforce Einstein Analytics takes those reports and dashboards one step further and helps you get more value from your data to identify trends, predict outcomes, and measure impact.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics allows you to explore all of your data and provides AI (Artificial Intelligence)-powered advanced analytics, in your CRM. It eliminates the hassle of prebuilt reports and allows you to dynamically explore data across your systems.

Einstein Analytics can help your organization in many ways including-

  • Measuring the impact of your activities
  • Get details into your fundraising and identify opportunities
  • Measure marketing efforts and quantify RoI
  • Get a unified view of your work
  • Insights into your supporter’s persona

Finding a Salesforce Partner to Implement Salesforce Nonprofit CRM

Salesforce Nonprofit CRM is a powerful platform that can help you drive all your operations from one place. It helps you better engage with your supporters, manage fundraising campaigns, and get more value from your marketing efforts. However, to maximize the potential of Salesforce for nonprofits, you should look for an experienced Salesforce implementation partner who can not only implement but also customize the CRM to meet your specific needs.

At AppShark, we have worked with many nonprofits and helped them in implementing Salesforce Nonprofit CRM. If you are looking to implement Salesforce Nonprofit CRM in your organization or need services of our expert Salesforce consultants, please connect with us at and we’ll schedule a call with one of our experts at the earliest.


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