Salesforce For Retail: Drive Customer Experience & Loyalty

Published on
June 24, 2021

We’re living in an experience economy wherein the shopping experience has become a key influencer in buying decisions. To succeed in an experience economy, retailers need to invest in creating personalized and memorable experiences that are aligned with their brand values. More so, in the current times, where customer sentiment is low and the economy in crisis due to the impact of Covid-19.

Salesforce CRM can help retailers in gaining a competitive advantage by helping them drive customer experience and loyalty. The immensely popular Salesforce is a one-stop platform, equipped to take care of all your business needs. One of the key features for driving sales is customer experience; the comfort and speed at which customers can shop, along with the ease of accessing customer care/service, in case of grievances. It also allows you to collect and harness customer data, automate processes, and genuinely understand the customer behavior, to take your marketing, sales, and customer services to the next level.

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How Salesforce CRM helps retailers in enhancing customer experience?

1. Understand customers better to personalize communication

Salesforce helps you build 360-degree customer profiles and buyer persona by capturing and harnessing important customer data. The profiles help you in deeply understanding your customer needs to create personalized communications. Predictive intelligence embedded in the Salesforce CRM helps you predict customer behavior so as to build appropriate responses to satisfy customer needs.

2. Segment your customers better

Customer segmentation is critical for any industry, more so for retail. Audience segmentation is necessary to plan your customer experience and marketing strategy. The Salesforce marketing cloud offers a range of segmentation services, specialized for retail. You can granularly segment your audience based on demographic, geographic, behavioral, and spending habits. This helps you to design your customer journeys and marketing outreach. A customized email can significantly improve your company’s conversion rate as well as build a strong bonding with the customer.

3. Run more productive marketing campaigns, winning customer trust & loyalty

Marketing tools designed to gain access to customer information power the retail industry. Salesforce CRM eases personalized communication with shoppers through customized one-to-one emails, messages, or social media content for increased lead generation and conversions. The Salesforce helps you manage discounts, rewards schemes, and loyalty programs to expand the customer base and attract more sales.

4. Enable outstanding customer support

Excellent customer service is key to success in the retail industry. The Salesforce Service Cloud utilizes AI, intelligent analytics, and various automation features to help retail businesses cater to customer issues effectively and quickly. Chatbots help your representatives handle customer queries and issues in real-time. It provides your agents with all the required customer information to contextualize the conversations and resolve issues faster. And provides you with a complete view of the operations to optimize resources and drive productivity.

5. Use AI predictions for smarter decisions

Customer data analysis in the retail business assists in forecasting future buying trends. Data-rich information can help in categorizing customers based on their buying history and shopping patterns and plan your strategy accordingly. Salesforce Einstein, leverage AI, and Machine Learning to eliminate guesswork and make data-driven decisions.

6. Make team collaboration easy & seamless

Salesforce allows you to run your entire business operations from one platform by integrating your various departments like Finance, Services, Sales, and Marketing. It also facilitates smooth data flow across the organization to help your staff perform better. The CRM provides and supports various tools to strengthen collaboration across various teams.

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