Youreka For Healthcare: Overview, Features & Implementation

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In the growing world of digital health, it’s more important than ever for health professionals to be able to connect with patients and complete evaluations remotely. Digital applications are the best way to capture complex data and to ensure all information needed is collected in a centralized and secure system. One such application is Youreka which helps clinicians with health assessments during in-home or virtual appointments.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss Youreka, the many benefits of using Youreka for healthcare professionals and tips to getting started.

What is Youreka?

Youreka is a Salesforce native mobile forms app that simplifies health assessments by assisting trained healthcare professionals effectively complete complex tasks. Youreka’s mobile forms can be used for health assessments, symptom diagnosis, and even facility inspections. Users are intuitively guided through procedures to collect data allowing a streamlined and standardized experience for everyone working within the same network. Youreka is a valuable asset that can be utilized to complete assessments during virtual visits, in office care plans, or as a convenient tool for field workers to use on their mobile device during in-home visits.

How Youreka Helps Healthcare Organizations?

The app comes with many useful features for healthcare companies to create guided procedures and workflows to help their staff perform their tasks-

1. Youreka Mobile App

Use the mobile app to complete assessments from anywhere with ease. The Youreka mobile app is available for iOS or Android devices and can be used online or offline allowing services to be provided in remote areas with no connectivity. When the mobile device being used does not have data connection available, forms can be completed and intelligently sync back to Salesforce when back online.

2. Standardize Care

Youreka allows organizations to collect patient data in a consistent manner that ensures every question is being asked and every individual performing assessments is following the same protocol and improving quality of care. Having an intuitive mobile tool means less training is required and more time can be spent planning and treating the patient.

3. Check-Ins

The Check In feature can be used to easily gather audit data on mobile users in the app. Maintain records of the exact date, time, and geolocation of the user checks-in on site to begin an assessment and when they check-out after completing the task.

4. Discoveries

Take patient care to the next level using Youreka Discoveries. They are customizable automated outputs or conclusions based on data collected within the form. These insights can be displayed directly in the form in real time for the user or submitted back to Salesforce for later review where it is automatically created as its own record.

Insights can also be used in combination with Einstein Next Best Action to take advantage of Salesforce’s powerful automation for suggested care plans or even possible diagnoses the user might have missed during the assessment.

5. Form Building

Building form templates in Youreka does not require any code and empowers users of any skill level to easily create and design custom health assessments for any application.

Youreka’s template builder can design forms with custom conditional display logic, photo capture and markup, eSignatures, formulas, and others to meet any business requirements.

6. Integrate with Field Service

Youreka integrates seamlessly with Salesforce Field Service for in-home health assessments and visits. Users can navigate directly from the Field Service app to the required form on a specific Work Order or Service Appointment.Getting Started With Youreka Salesforce

To get started using Youreka, you can download the app from AppExchange and start the setup right away.

The first step begins with giving all of your users the appropriate licenses and permissions required for their role.

  • Admins need the Template Builder license in order to build and create forms.
  • Any end users who will interact with forms also need a Youreka license to complete forms.
  • All users that interact with any form need access to all Youreka objects and any other objects related to the form being completed.
  • Lastly, everyone who will be filling out forms on a mobile device needs to download the mobile app and login using their Salesforce credentials.

Once the setup is complete, you are ready to begin building reusable Form Templates, and use it for your work.

How to build a Youreka Form template?

Before users can fill out forms, an admin must design and build out a Form Template. Building Form Templates is user friendly and they are completely customizable. Here are the basic steps to design a Form Template:

  • Create a Form Template and then drag and drop sections and questions as required for your assessment.
  • Customize the look and feel of the questions through using different types of questions and various colors/fonts.
  • Publish the Form Templates to make it available to be used to create Forms.
  • Create Form records for end users to complete in the mobile app.

Once the Form Template is published and used to create a Form record, it’s time for data collection! This is when end-users will use the mobile app to open a created Form record and collect answers to all of the questions. The submitted forms can be viewed in the Salesforce system wherein you can view all of the provided answers, images, and the Form record details.

Youreka is a simple application that makes it easy to customize forms for health assessments in any implementation.

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