Open SMS Pro

A Simple SMS/Texting App for Salesforce
Get simple SMS/Texting features added to your Salesforce instance. This application seamlessly connects with different SMS gateways, giving you the freedom to pick a provider that fits your style and budget.

Open SMS Pro Features

Dispatch SMS Messages

Send single or bulk messages to Leads or Contacts, with options for real-time sending or scheduling for later delivery.

Receive SMS Messages

Monitor your SMS number, establish flows to manage incoming messages, and easily process responses like “STOP” or “OPT-OUT” with included out-of-the-box features.

Initiate SMS Campaigns

Introduce a novel and impactful channel to your Salesforce campaigns.

Monitor Activity

Review activities for all SMS interactions within Leads and Contacts.

Workflow Notifications

Receive SMS messages through Workflows for prompt follow-ups.

Reports and Dashboards

Check SMS activity through detailed reports and dashboards.

Utilize Templates

Expedite message creation using templates, including Contact and Lead-specific templates with object merge fields for dynamic content.

Integrate SMS into Your Apps

Leverage open APIs to seamlessly integrate SMS features into your applications, flows, components, etc.

Live Chat

Engage in real-time chats with Leads and Contacts directly from Salesforce, with all chat activity logged in Salesforce as activities.

Number Types

Support for Shortcodes and Long codes, including MMS.