Salesforce Migration From Classic To Lightning- Key Features

Published on
January 21, 2020

Salesforce lightning is a modern user interface that can drive the productivity of your Sales Reps and Sevice staff. It offers many new features that can provide new functionality, usability, and speed for Salesforce users. Below are the key features of lightning that can help organizations optimize operations and employees work faster-

  • Home Page: The Home Page allows your Sales teams to stay focused by helping them view, at a glance both their results and activities for the day.

There are a few other interesting features which are more useful for Sales and End-users like:

  1. Performance chart -- Displays a rep’s sales performance
  2. Assistant -- Displays relevant updates over the course of the day.
  3. Easily access news about accounts, recent records, and top deals.
  • Record Page Layouts: The Activities timeline gives you a glimpse into the past and the future. You can view all the past tasks, activities, emails and events in the chronological order of when they are due, which is highly helpful for sales reps to get up to speed quickly. In addition to this, you can access the ‘Log a Call’, ‘New Event’ and ‘Email functions’ options which loads inside the Component for ease.

With the lightning record details page, a user can see all the Quick links actions related to that record on the same window. Lightning provides Highlighted panel which helps the user to see the important details for a particular record where the displayed fields will be set by the Compact Layout.

  • Sales Path: It enables Sales users to visualize their sales process for a particular record, as well as see helpful tips and fields. The path is now enabled on a number of objects and is great at giving your reps that extra helping hand when progressing a deal. You can easily change the status by clicking on one of the chevrons, and you can update key fields at each stage. This is particularly great for a less experienced Sales team, getting them to focus on the fields that are important.
  • Kanban Views: Kanban is all about Visual Management. Kanban allows teams to see work in progress and quickly understand complex information like processes, task relationships and risks.

Kanban Considerations:

  1. The Kanban view displays a maximum of 200 cards.
  2. Kanban cards display a maximum of four fields.
  3. Columns aren’t created from inactive picklist fields. Records associated with inactive picklist values aren’t displayed in the Kanban view.
  4. Summaries can only be created for numeric and currency fields that are not roll up a summary or formula fields.
  5. Records are only displayed if the field selected for Group By is included on the page layout.
  6. If a record has a null value for the Group By field, it won’t appear in the Kanban view.
  7. You can’t group records by the Currency field.
  8. Subtabs are created for record types if the Group By field is included on the record types page layout, and the record type has records associated with it.
  9. Drag-and-drop functionality isn’t supported for touchscreens.
  10. Mass actions can’t be performed in the Kanban view.
  11. If a user doesn’t have access to update a record, the card is disabled and can’t be dragged to a different column.
  • Tabs Navigation: With Classic, you were familiar with clicking on tabs and being redirected to the relevant page but, with Lightning, things have changed. You can now click the little drop-down arrow next to any tab to view an array of extra features including-
  1. Creating a new record
  2. Viewing recent records
  3. Recent list views

It also works for Reports and other items. If there are any Reports and Dashboards which users need to view regularly then they can create a prominent view by adding that in Nav bar.

There are plenty of reasons for your business to move from Classic to Lightning. But, Salesforce Classic to Lightning migration is not simple and needs experienced hands with deep expertise on Salesforce products.

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