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4 Reasons That Will Make You Migrate to Lightning Experience

Posted by Rajanikanth Damera | Posted On January 25th, 2018 |Salesforce, Lightning Experience

Upgrading software can be an awesome or blah-some experience. How it turns out all depends on the features, benefits, user experience – and the bugs. Of course, bug-free is the goal! But in the real world, there will at least be some minor ones to work through. The new Salesforce Lightning Experience represents the first..

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6 of the Most Useful Apps for Nonprofits on Salesforce AppExchange

Posted by Tom Jodis | Posted On October 11th, 2017 |Salesforce, Salesforce Lightning, AppExchange, SMS Marketing, Lightning Experience, Nonprofits, Open SMS Pro

Nonprofits are always looking for ways to do more with less. Those using Salesforce can achieve that by putting apps from Salesforce AppExchange to work. This customer relationship management (CRM) system does much more than what comes out of the box. The valuable thing about AppExchange is that the apps are designed especially for use..

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How to Increase Salesforce Adoption in Your Company

Posted by Pavan KR Murthy | Posted On June 20th, 2017 |Salesforce, Lightning Experience

Adopting Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) system helps employees learn about their customers’ preferences, solve problems faster, and find new sales opportunities. But all of that means little if a company experiences low adoption of Salesforce. It’s a common problem. In fact, a Merkle Group Inc. study has found that 63% of CRM initiatives fail…

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Things to Consider Before Migrating to Salesforce Lightning

Posted by Rajanikanth Damera | Posted On June 13th, 2017 |Salesforce, Salesforce Lightning, Lightning Experience

To improve the Salesforce experience and meet users’ needs, Salesforce asked users for feedback on the customer relationship management system. Many users agreed on one thing: They wanted a better and more modern user experience. Instead of tweaking a few things here and there, the company revamped Salesforce. The change is equivalent to upgrading from..

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Lightning Experience Vs Salesforce1 Using Lightning Components

Posted by Sushma Gangavalli | Posted On February 1st, 2017 |Lightning Experience

Salesforce1 is a mobile app development platform which has been built to fulfill today’s Mobile and Social Solution needs. Salesforce developers build apps using various user interface and Saleforce1 provides us with a Platform which manages the apps without limiting our business needs. It is designed for scaling with open API’s for being extensible and a..

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