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Why is this a Critical time for Manufacturers to Boost their Supply Chain?

Posted by Kiran Banala | Posted On November 16th, 2016 |Salesforce, Industry 4.0, Customer Success Platform

Reebok recently took the decision of bringing back some of its shoemaking capabilities back to the United States, revealing its near future plans of opening a new manufacturing lab at Wixom in Michigan in the next year. This lab, called ‘The Liquid Factory’, will mostly manufacture technical components using state-of-the-art technologies like 3D drawing and..

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Building a Sales Organization in Manufacturing firms (4.0) through Salesforce

Posted by Kiran Banala | Posted On August 17th, 2016 |Cloud, Salesforce, Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Sales

This is my second blog in the series which began with ways in which Salesforce can prepare Manufacturing firms for Industry 4.0. As we progress through this one, I will mostly talk about the digitalization of the Sales Function, which in today’s world, is essential to cope with the widespread disruption of data that is..

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