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Building Dashboards in Salesforce Lightning Experience

Posted by Sweta Ananta | Posted On December 16th, 2016 |General, Salesforce, Custom Development, Salesforce Lightning

Reports help you make decisions and take action, but sometimes you need to get your insights at-a-glance. Enter the Dashboard: your utility for summarizing and displaying your Salesforce data in a graphical layout. Salesforce dashboards allow you to present multiple reports side-by-side using dashboard components on a single dashboard page layout. Dashboard components come in..

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Custom Meta Data Types

Posted by Madhusudhana Reddy Guda | Posted On July 28th, 2016 |General, Cloud, Custom Development

While deploying any functionality or application to another org either by using change sets or packages we can deploy only Meta data like Custom Objects, Apex Classes, Visualforce Pages and Custom Settings but the record data like instances of Custom Objects and Custom Settings cannot be included. After installing the package we need to also..

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How to Auto-Refresh a Page in Salesforce using Streaming API

Posted by A Prasannanjaneyulu | Posted On June 8th, 2016 |General, Salesforce, Custom Development, CRM

We come across many situations where we would want a web page to auto-refresh. Imagine watching your favourite team play a nail biter and you have to hit the refresh button every 10 seconds. Auto refresh is also needed in Salesforce, whether it might be dashboards, reports or list views. We know that when we..

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AppShark and Nexmo Enhance Salesforce Messaging

Posted by Antara Bhattacharya | Posted On April 20th, 2016 |General, Mobile, Salesforce

We, at AppShark are proud to announce our recently concluded partnership with Nexmo, the global cloud communications platform leader providing innovative communication APIs and SDKs for voice, text, and messaging and phone verification services. This will enable us to bring Nexmo’s SMS capabilities to Salesforce through our product, Open SMS Pro. OpenSMS Pro customers can..

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The Reflex Arc of Customers

Posted by Tom Jodis | Posted On April 13th, 2016 |General, Salesforce, Custom Development

The other night I reached on the stove to pull a pot off and place in the sink to wash. I forgot that just a few minutes earlier the pot held boiling water for the pasta we cooked for dinner. Foolishly I grabbed both sides of the large pot – and not by the handles…

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SMS/Texting in Business: Part 3 – Voice of Customer (VOC)

Posted by Srinivas Gaddam | Posted On March 30th, 2016 |General, Mobile, Salesforce

In my previous blog post, I mentioned that we recently moved to a new house. Anyone who has done this knows the consequent, frequent trips to a home improvement store. In my case it was a Home Depot near my house. During one of my trips, I noticed a credit card terminal next to the..

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SMS/Texting in Business: Part 2 – Real-Time Interaction

Posted by Srinivas Gaddam | Posted On March 2nd, 2016 |General, Mobile, Salesforce

I am a father of two teens. It recently dawned on me that my children are no longer interacting with me the way they used to. My wife tells me it is because they are growing up and it is a normal change. I understand THAT, but that is not what I meant. They are..

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5 Key Small Business Trends Today

Posted by Yasmita Chowdhury | Posted On December 2nd, 2015 |General

Most startups and small businesses may start out small but have an enormous growth potential, which, if correctly harnessed, can yield results in a relatively short time. Such businesses usually follow a carefully crafted plan when it comes to charting their economic improvement and hold a broad outlook for the future. According to a joint..

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How ZAP tool helps you fight web application vulnerabilities

Posted by Hari Amudalapalli | Posted On March 27th, 2015 |General

How well protected are your web applications? With hacking incidents and data leakage on rise, it is now more important than ever to ask yourself this question. Hence, security testing is the perfect antidote to fixing the vulnerabilities found in web applications. ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy) is one such open source tool used for integrated..

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Proposing Solutions – The AppShark Way!

Posted by Nitin Sehgal | Posted On March 16th, 2015 |General

Isn’t it imperative to build a good business relationship with your client to deliver the best?  It is important  to understand the industry, organization and their work culture. Go that extra mile to offer solutions that are customized and styled as per your client’s requirements. We at Appshark believe in this unique approach to our..

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