Salesforce Yealink integration with Yealink AutoDialer App can help your sales agents in calling your Salesforce leads from Yealink Autodialer without opening your Salesforce instance. It provides many key benefits to your business including higher productivity of Sales teams, personalizes communication, and boosts customer satisfaction.

Sales teams, in most companies, rely heavily on their phones. As much as digital communication tools like email, messaging apps, etc., have started to dominate corporate communication, for Sales Reps, there is nothing better than calling a customer on the phone to close a sale or quickly sort out an issue. Salesforce allows telephony integration with many providers including Yealink. The Salesforce Yealink integration through AppShark’s Yealink AutoDialer App provides real-time communication possibilities with a range of new features including-

  • Calling your Salesforce leads from Yealink Autodialer without opening your Salesforce instance.
  • Screen pops with information about the customer, their account, and call history
  • Call logging and recording for internal quality assurance and compliance
  • Click-to-dial or auto-dial customers

What are the benefits of Salesforce Yealink Integration?

Organizations use Salesforce Yealink integration to realize some significant benefits including helping their sales agents and reps close more deals and their service departments drive customer satisfaction. Many benefits can be derived by integrating your Yealink system with your Salesforce CRM for not only sales but other departments like customer service-

  • Instantly provides details on customer, accounts, cases, and orders, etc., to personalize the conversation
  • Scale-up capacity to handle high volume calls
  • Respond more precisely to customer queries
  • Drive outbound lead-generation programs
  • Drive customer loyalty by arming your agents with all necessary information
  • Quick resolution to customer issues

Yealink Autodialer App– How does Yealink Telephony Integration with Salesforce Work?

All Yealink telephony resides in the Cloud while Salesforce CRM information lives in the Salesforce cloud. Your Yealink account is directly connected to your Salesforce instance using Yealink Dialer App.

Now, let’s assume your sales agent wants to speak to one of your customers to inform him about a new product or an offer. He can simply log in to his Yealink account, where all his Salesforce leads are migrated, do a search, and pullout all details. He can then dial the customer’s number with a single click enabled into his Yealink interface and speaks to the customer. No need to toggle between Salesforce CRM and Yealink thereby saving valuable time for your sales agent.

Yealink Integration Solution

Yealink Integration Solution

The Salesforce Yealink integration also provides a call logging facility. Your agent can click on the Log Call icon and add comments which will create a task in Salesforce related to the respective Lead record.  

Yealink Integration Solution

The Salesforce Yealink integration can really help you Sales and customer support teams handle more calls and boost customer support. It provides all the information that an agent would need at a single place. The call logging facility will help him to enter follow-up actions or other comments and serve the customer better. 

Appshark can help you quickly integrate your Yealink telephone system with your Sales Cloud with Yealink AutoDialer App. We are a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner and have a team of experienced certified Salesforce integration consultants to help your Sales team. To know more about Salesforce Yealink integration, please click here and one of our consultants will contact you at the earliest.