You can take customer experience to the next level by empowering your field technicians with mobile access to useful information needed to complete their service appointments or tasks. This will not help the technicians deliver services or resolve issues quickly but will also improve your workforce productivity. Salesforce offers 2 powerful tools ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Field Service Lightning (FSL)’ to help organizations empower their field personnel. Let’s understand what these two tools are and how implementing Salesforce Knowledge in FSL app can help your business drive enhanced customer service.

What is Salesforce Knowledge?

Salesforce Knowledge provides you the ability to build and manage a comprehensive knowledge base inside of Salesforce to provide relevant and useful information to your internal agents, partners, and customers. Salesforce Knowledge Base contains informative content created by experienced service agents.

The content for Knowledge can be of various types like:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), such as “How to change solar panels?”
  • Instructional steps, like “Steps to install cable wires”.
  • Best practices being followed by other field service technicians or the issues they encountered and their solutions.

What is Field Service Lightning?

Salesforce FSL is an advanced and, highly customizable set of features that can help you create a mobile-friendly field service hub in Salesforce. It is a generic workflow that starts with the Salesforce Admin setting up FSL in the organization according to their organization’s needs. Your agents can create work orders as customer service calls come in. The dispatcher schedules the service appointments to the Field technicians,  optimizing them according to who has the right skills, is carrying the right resources to fix the issue, and is in the closest location. The mobile workforce completes the service appointments and closes out the work orders.

Salesforce Knowledge with Field Service Lightning :

Field Service technicians are required to complete the work orders or service appointments assigned to them. Your scheduling policy must ensure that the technician assigned must have the right skills to solve the customer problem. But they may also need assistance to finish the work. Here we can make use of the Salesforce Knowledge Base to help your technicians solve the customer problem by providing them with the required information and assistance.

Steps To Set up Knowledge in Field Service Lightning (FSL) mobile app

Field Technicians use the FSL Mobile app to view and update the tasks assigned to them. It will be helpful for them if they don’t have to use another app or site to get details or guidance to resolve the issue. By integrating Salesforce Knowledge with FSL, you can give technicians access to the knowledge base within FSL. 

When the Customer Service Representatives create case or work orders for the customers, they can attach knowledge articles to work orders, work order line items, and work types to share guidelines and specifications with technicians in the field. 

Step 1

To enable a Customer Service Representative to attach a Knowledge Article to a created work order, articles related list needs to be added to Work Order. (Ensure that Knowledge is enabled for your organization). 

Also in Field Service Settings, you can set the fields based on which the Articles should be suggested. By default, it is suggested based on the Subject of Work Order or Work Order Line Item.

Step 1: Knowledge Search Suggested Article fields in Field Service Settings.

Step 1

Once the Article related list is added, the user can add any article present in the Knowledge Base by clicking ‘Find Articles’ in Salesforce Classic.

Step 2

‘Find Articles’ button on Work Order from which Customer Service Representative will add the Article.

Step 2

For Salesforce Lightning, Knowledge One needs to be added to the Work Order Page Layout. A Customer Service Representative can search for the articles and attach them to the Work Order.

Step 3

‘Knowledge’ Component on Work Orders in Salesforce Lightning

Step 3

Once the Customer Service Representative attaches the Knowledge Article, it is available in the related section of Work Order.

Step 4

Knowledge Article in Article related list of Work Order.

Step 4

Once the Service Appointment is created from the Work Order and assigned to a Service Resource or Field Technician. The field technician will receive a notification on the FSL Mobile app, that the Service Appointment is scheduled. 

Step 5

Steps a field service technician goes through to view Knowledge Article in Field Service Mobile App.

Step 5

The field technician can click on the Service Appointment, which will open the Work Order. By going to the related section of Work Order, the Field Technician will be able to view the Articles attached to that particular Work Order. He or she can then access the article to get information and assistance in completing the work order if required.

Thus implementing Knowledge with Field Service Lightning, you can provide the field technicians with helpful information to assist in solving a customer problem quickly, boost their productivity and drive customer experience.