Integration is key to automation. Businesses, over time, buy a lot of software, each performing a specific operation and making things easier. However, over time, they also lead to more manual work, complex IT environments, and so on. Businesses then look to integrate their systems to drive automation and eliminate or minimize manual labor.

If you have an ecommerce store on Shopify and also use Salesforce as a CRM then you can integrate Salesforce with Shopify to make your job a lot easier. Salesforce Shopify Integration will help you connect your CRM with the ecommerce store, automate data flow and enhance the capabilities of both systems to give more power to your business.

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Salesforce Integration Service

Salesforce Shopify Integration Options

You can integrate Shopify with Salesforce using a plugin available in the Salesforce app stores, use APIs or choose a Salesforce integration partner.

  1. Plugins or Wizards- These are useful if you have limited use of integrating Salesforce with Shopify. You can use these to import/export data from one system to another or perform simple operations.
  2. APIs- Application Programming Interfaces play the role of a software intermediary to connect Salesforce and Shopify and enable data communication between them. These are useful when you want your systems to remain connected to each other and perform actions based on triggers.
  3. Salesforce integration Partner- Some businesses want multisystem integration i.e. integrating Salesforce with Shopify and many other systems/apps or want to perform complex tasks from the integration. An experienced Salesforce Integration Partner can help you implement such complex integrations.

Salesforce Shopify Integration Benefits

  1. Get a platform to manage both Shopify and Salesforce data. 
  2. Process high volumes of data from Shopify Store to Salesforce.
  3. Store customer information like name, company, email, etc., from Shopify into Salesforce.
  4. Enable order generation from both Shopify and Salesforce.
  5. Order and Product synchronization to help in Inventory management
  6. Create Salesforce contacts from Shopify customers.
  7. Get a 360-degree view of your customer
  8. Run highly targeted marketing campaigns
  9. Drive your productivity by automating repetitive tasks

Shopify Salesforce Integration will help your business in many ways. This will also allow you to harness your data, leverage data technologies like AI and Machine Learning, etc., to derive insights from it. You can use the insights gained from your data to better understand your customers, drive engagement with them and turn them into loyal customers. 

High-performance systems like Shopify and Salesforce are best used when they are integrated and connected to other systems. An automated flow of data between the systems can help you explore new opportunities and drive innovation.

If you are looking for a Salesforce Integration Partner experienced in Salesforce Shopify integration then we can help you. We are a Salesforce Gold Consulting partner with experience working on complex integration projects across industries. 

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