Deployed Salesforce in your business with hopes of increasing your sales pipeline, automating sales and marketing processes. But after a certain time you notice the situation is not much different and remains the same as pre deployment of Salesforce. Does it sound familiar? 

Where is it going wrong?

The above scenario holds true for many companies like you. This is exactly where the standard health check of your Salesforce instance is required. 

The main reason for opting for Salesforce in your business ecosystem is to optimise your operations like Sales, Marketing, Accounting and Business communications. 

But if not properly deployed Salesforce is nothing but an instance chugging at your resources, needing regular hot fixes and tuning. There is no point if Salesforce CRM is not used to its full potential and that is when it is time to get a health check for your Salesforce instance. 

Salesforce Integration Service

What is Salesforce Health Check?

Salesforce Health Check is an assessment of your Salesforce Instance and see if there are any vulnerabilities that need to be addressed or if the system is running to its full potential. 

In our Salesforce Health Check service, our team of certified Salesforce professionals and consultants do the following assessment of your Salesforce instance:

  • Checking the current usage of your Salesforce suite of tools and how then can be put to use in a better way to improve ROI. 
  • Understanding your security needs and auditing it to find any existing security vulnerabilities.
  • Apart from that Salesforce Health check even includes automation, analyzing data quality and lightning readiness check.

In Short, Salesforce Health Check is the process where we analyze and suggest the best practices and ways to pursue the future of using your Salesforce upto the prescribed standards and help you get there. 

When is it the time to go for a Salesforce Health Checkup? 

To get it straight it is as simple having Salesforce CRM implemented in your business functioning and not using it to its fullest potential. Some of the common scenarios that says it is time you should consider going for a Salesforce Health Check are when:

1. Low User Adoption

You have finally implemented the much awaited Salesforce project into your business functioning but even after a year you see low user adoption amongst your internal teams. The Sales team is not able to find the required data and use it in their processes, the marketing teams not able to personalize their campaigns as per your expectations is definitely a cause for concern after so much money spent. 

2. Your Business has Evolved

No business remains the same and if it does it is a cause for concern. Are your present software’s and processes still aligned with your evolving business and expectations? The same yardstick applies for your Salesforce that you have implemented a few years ago. 

If the time is more than a year from the time of implementation, it is definitely a time to assess and go for a complete health checkup of your Salesforce and see if it needs a few tweaks or an overhaul. 

3. Manual Processes Creeping Back 

The main reason for a Salesforce implementation is to automate critical processes such as Sales, Leads Management, Marketing Campaigns and even Follow ups apart from many more. If that is not achieved and it is the same old manual processes that are being used again, it is a big concern for you, not to mention the low return on your investment. 

This point goes hand in hand with the low user adoption as mentioned above. 

4. Complex Processes

Any evolving business has a complex set of processes that are specific to its functioning. This completely depends on the industry you operate in, the competitors you compete with, the external environment affecting your market and many more. 

Now to streamline these processes, you require your Salesforce to not only fit in right but even integrate with the third party applications that are critical for your business. A timely Salesforce Health Check Up makes you understand the data flow of your business across processes and how it is simplified by the teams further. 

This way you can understand which processes need further integrations with Salesforce for better functioning and utilizing of your data. 

5. Difficulty keeping Salesforce Upto Date

Salesforce is a suite which is constantly evolving and keeping pace with trends. The features and processes for which you implemented Salesforce a year back would only be more cutting edge and advanced. This is to give your business the advantage, but the question is are you able to keep your Salesforce upto date? 

This is where a regular Salesforce Health Check comes in and companies like us with expertise on Salesforce domain can help you achieve that. 

Why you should get your Salesforce Health Checked up?

We reiterate, Salesforce is a constantly evolving cloud solution with many interesting features and the ability to integrate with virtually anything. Getting timely health check ups of your Salesforce would give you:

  • A clear picture of the current position of your Salesforce instance. Our team of certified Salesforce experts and consultants will help it get aligned with your business and suggest the standard Salesforce best practices. 
  • Decluttering of your data, streamline your dashboards for a better understanding of your process and the way data flows between them. 
  • Review your security standards, identify vulnerabilities and fix them real quick. 
  • Train different stakeholders of your business and make them understand the usage of Salesforce, improving the user adoption. 
  • Analyze the automation processes and build a road map of how you can go forward to improve the return on investment with your Salesforce. 

Get in touch with us to book your appointment with our Salesforce consultants and get the health checked now.