Nonprofits deal with multiple challenges that are very different as compared to the rest of the organizations. The complexities begin from finding the right beneficiaries, volunteers, and donors. Followed by, retaining them by keeping them regularly engaged. Organizing and efficiently running the internal and external processes are yet another set of tasks. Producing quality content, increasing their reach, generating adequate funds, measuring and improvising on the effectiveness of their strategies, the list goes on.

 Is your nonprofit a small community-oriented human services organization or a multinational one? Is it focused on education, health, human rights, the environment, or prevention of cruelty to animals? Do you have a small list/spreadsheet of donors or an entire database overflowing with them? Whatever it be, your basic strategy remains the same. Which is the nurturing and retention of your donors, volunteers, beneficiaries, and board members by building lasting relationships with each of them. And this is where CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools come into play.

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CRMs For Nonprofits

Your organization needs a specialized CRM for nonprofits to handle the administrative demands such as keeping track of all the interactions, sales, contacts, and other information of your donors, volunteers, fundraisers, event attendees, etc. CRMs for nonprofits are the most effective and efficient way of keeping an updated record of everyone with whom your organization interacts or has ever interacted.

The Best CRM For Nonprofits

When it comes to choosing your CRM for nonprofit, you will definitely go for nothing short of the best, which is ‘Salesforce For Nonprofits Cloud’. This absolutely best CRM for nonprofits is equipped to cater to the needs of various nonprofit organizations with different sectors, structures, missions, and budgets, across the globe.

 Since Salesforce’s founding back in 1999, the organization pursued a vision of a new kind of company with a novel philanthropic model. With their aim of delivering world-class technology to nonprofits (at a discount) they help organizations reach their goals and manage their entire mission in a single integrated platform.

 Salesforce, the market’s best CRM for nonprofits, has a community of over 47,000 nonprofit organizations. With over 88% of the organizations vouching for Salesforce to have helped improve their ability in achieving their mission.

 Here are a few tangible metrics as per their annual “Voice of the customer” survey reports for the year 2019:

  • Saved cost per dollar raised by 29%
  • Savings in service and support costs by 31%
  • 31% of improved donor retention
  • 38% of improved prospect acquisition
  • 49% of increased donations

What Are The Features & Benefits Of Salesforce For Nonprofits?

 Let us now get into how Salesforce for nonprofits can help your organization reach its objectives.

1. More Effective Fundraising

 Funds are quintessential to keep your organization’s mission up and running. And this requires evolving ways that can bring in more money with fewer resources. Which means figuring out the right strategies, techniques, and marketing tools. And this is where Salesforce for nonprofits comes to the rescue. With the Salesforce fundraising technology, you can build meaningful relationships between your organization and its supporters, communicate with the right message at the right time, delight donors with the impact of your work, keep track of each of your fundraising campaign’s performance, save and integrate relevant data and take the necessary steps to improvise further for even better revenue growth. Salesforce for nonprofits also helps you with donation and grant management.

2. Better Event Management

 Regular events are necessary to showcase the work you have done for your cause, so people can stay updated with your efforts. You can use the Salesforce for nonprofits CRM tools to automate your marketing efforts with the help of artificial intelligence and even extend the CRM functionalities to better cater to your unique requirements and expectations.

3. Increased Operational Efficiency And Management

 One of the major reasons behind the increasing number of NGOs opting for Salesforce is its ability to make operations easy. The CRM helps to enhance communication between the various partners that eventually helps in achieving the desired results, ensuring growth and success.

 Effective management is a core function for any kind of organization. While most are able to deal with it, it is especially NGOs that face difficulties with their proper management. Salesforce can be of great help here. Be it managing the fundraising activities or the management of grants and workforce, Salesforce makes everything smooth and seamless. Salesforce for nonprofits boasts of its amazing management features, such as the automation of tasks, categorization of assets and donors, tracking of activities, and so on. Salesforce comes in handy to save information automatically and store them in their database to pull them out while making smart decisions in the future.

4. Marketing Campaigns Will Be Easier And More Productive

 A plethora of marketing platforms is available today ranging from traditional to newer social media channels. It often gets overwhelming to manage all of these simultaneously, for the sake of finding and connecting with your potential donors. Also often, unfortunately, it gets really frustrating when in spite of the hard work your team puts in, you do not get the desired response and all your efforts get wasted. But, you will not need to face those hardships again with Salesforce by your side. Leave it on the Salesforce CRM to make your marketing efforts bear fruits with its excellent progress tracking features. So, you can now easily manage your social media presence with the help of Salesforce’s artificial intelligence that increases engagement pretty much on autopilot!

 Even the universal form of communication, i.e. email marketing will now yield much better results. Until now your emails may not have been opened due to a number of issues, such as an incorrect email template design, the content, or maybe some problem with the recipient list. But now you have the solution with the Salesforce for nonprofits CRM, that will help you design engaging email templates, content and also automate the entire process, allowing you to even track all your responses. It even lets you send emails to segmented lists.

5. Constituent/Donor Management

 With the Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack (NPSP) you can manage individual constituents and donors who form the core of nonprofits. It empowers you to track your constituent’s information, such as their demographics, contact details, relationships, organization affiliations and so much more.

6. Einstein Analytics

 The AI-driven Einstein Analytics with Salesforce NPSP gets you numerous prebuilt reports, useful for tracking donors, grants, memberships, campaign ROI, and so on. You are free to use these reports as they are, or even customize them to meet your specific goals.

7. Mobile Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

Unlike most other applications, the Salesforce Mobile Application provides you with not just a fraction, but full access to all your non-profit data on the go.

Why Choose Us as your Salesforce Partner?

There is no room for doubt, that Salesforce as a CRM provides out of the box features for nonprofits organizations to build strong and lasting relationships, increase reach, engage their community, organize entire operations, get actionable insights, monitor and analyze the impact of their work, and free up time spent on routine tasks to spend it on more important causes.

With the diverse projects, we have worked on, implementing and integrating Salesforce CRM to suit the requirements of Non-Profits has always been our forte. To know more about what we can do for you contact us at or rop us your inquiry by reaching us out here.