As more companies embrace digital marketing, competition in the marketing automation industry is heating up. According to Markets And Markets, the global marketing automation market size is predicted to grow from $3.3 billion in 2019 to $6.4 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 13.9%

The trend is primarily driven by a growing need to automate marketing processes & tasks, customer retention, high demand for personalization, and predictive lead scoring. 

When marketing teams are evaluating options, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Marketo will often make the shortlist. In this article, we compare Marketo vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly known as ExactTarget, an email marketing application) to see how they stack up against each other.

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Marketo Vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud- A Featurewise Comparison

1. Data Management

Marketing Automation is primarily a data-driven process. Your marketing automation platform needs automatic and manual feeding of data collected from various sources. 

With businesses managing multiple digital channels (website, apps, social media, kiosks, etc.), an automation platform should make it easy for you to manage your data.

Salesforce or Marketo for data management? 

When it comes to data management Salesforce Marketing Cloud scores over Marketo.  Salesforce Marketing Cloud is ideal for handling large and complex data which allows complex segmentation to run more targeted campaigns. Salesforce can be integrated with multiple external sources and can import data using APIs and Marketing Cloud Connect. Marketo works for handling simple data. Marketo CRM hosts all the data in a single database and treats all of it as ‘leads’.

2. Campaign Design

With a focus on customer experience, personalization and conversion, campaign management (or design) has become an extremely critical component of a marketing automation platform. 

Digital marketers would prefer a platform that helps them to create customized campaigns effortlessly. They also benefit from having multiple channels in the campaigns to meet customers at various touchpoints.

Marketo vs Salesforce Marketing for campaign management? 

Marketo offers ‘engagement programs’ for campaign management whereas Salesforce has ‘journey builder.’ Salesforce offers end-to-end journey visualization. This includes multiple channels (emails, Social & SMS etc., with a drag-and-drop interface). Marketo’s ‘engagement programs’ are heavily focussed on emails. With customization, you can add other channels to the campaign. So, if you’re looking to run omnichannel or multichannel campaigns then Salesforce Marketing would work better for you.

3. Content Management

Content is critical to the success of your marketing campaigns. A good marketing automation platform should make it easy for you to create, manage, and customize your content. 

It should allow you to quickly make modifications in your content, add custom elements to it, and design it as per your specific needs.

Marketing Cloud or Marketo for campaign management? 

Both Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Marketo facilitate easy content management. Both provide access to WYSIWYG editors for easy content creation. However, if you are the coding type and want to modify codes of the content, then it is relatively easier in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Accessing HTML or CSS codes in Marketo is a bit tricky.

4. Usability

Marketing automation platforms should also be easy to use. There is limited time for members to train and get acquainted with the system. Accessibility to key features, ease of navigation, and the ease in doing things are the essentials for modern marketing platforms. Usability should be effortless. 

Marketo vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud for campaign management? 

When comparing Marketo vs Salesforce user interfaces, both need time to get used to. Marketo is somewhat better as all key features are available in one place to make it easy to perform an activity. 

Both marketing automation platforms offer a range of features that meet the needs of any marketing team. However, if you’re looking for complex data management at high scale or want to run multi-channel campaigns, then Salesforce Marketing Cloud would be the right choice for your team. 

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In evaluating Marketo vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it’s also helpful to know that you can use both platforms via Marketo integration with Salesforce CRM.

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