Salesforce is a CRM that has Sales at the core of its functioning. Right from gathering intricate details of a potential lead, to helping the sales team personalize their interaction with the lead at every stage, Salesforce has the capability to get it just right. 

With numerous CRM’s and Sales Management Softwares vying for your attention, choosing the right tool which can balance the ease of use and help your sales teams with quick closures is a bit difficult. Putting our hands-on experience to use, we cut the clutter in this article and try to explain a ‘keep it simple’ platform which can make a change to the way your Sales team function.

Salesforce Consultancy Service

What is Sales Cloud?

Sales Cloud is a module of Salesforce which allows your sales team to have meaningful conversations with leads and contacts that matter the most. 

It facilitates end-to-end Sales management such as the creation of contacts, creation of product order ID, logging in of product pricing details, triggering of emails based on a customer’s behavior, tracking the progress of deals, and much more. 

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How can Sales Cloud Improve Sales?

What makes Sales Cloud so effective for your Sales team?  

Apart from the ease of use, intuitive user interface Sales Cloud offers several out of box features such as: 

1. Lead Management

With your Sales team chasing innumerable leads to crack deals and generate revenue, keeping track of them becomes a challenge. Sales Cloud allows you to keep track of various interactions of their leads with the help of a timeline. 

With the information of the products or the services the leads are interested in and a better lead scoring mechanism, your sales team can effectively plan their next move to target leads that matter leading to a closure. 

2. Account Management

Managing an account is the core for any account-based marketing/sales initiative. Sales Cloud makes account management easy by allowing your sales team to store the names and details of every contact in the company, investors, and even competitor information against the company account. 

The Account Management feature of Sales Cloud allows your sales team to consolidate information in a more centralized fashion with the ability to prioritize high potential contacts/leads to close deals quickly. 

3. Campaign Management 

Running targeted and trigger-based campaigns in lieu of the original campaign programs makes it easier to close deals for the Sales teams. 

By knowing where the lead or contact originated from (Campaign programs) such as an ad, telecall, social media, email, or webinar and to the message to which they responded makes the next level of communication more effective. 

4. Creating Intuitive reporting dashboards 

Important data such as touchpoints, points of interaction, product interest, devices, channels, and campaigns can simply be dragged and dropped to build a clean and user-friendly dashboard for a 360-degree view and deep analysis. 

Sales forecasting is made easy by identifying which campaign is working, which accounts are actively engaged, what is the level of interaction with individual contacts, which sales team or salesperson is performing well. 

Sales Cloud is an ideal platform that allows your Sales team to make the most of the raw data available by streamlining them and putting them to better use. This makes Sales Cloud the must-have tool for your Sales teams. 

How we Improved the Sales process of a renowned global brand

Leveraging the features and functionalities of Salesforce CRM, AppShark was able to redefine the sales process of a multinational hair accessory company with a presence in Southeast Asia and the US. 

Taking into account the diverse distribution network and target customers, our team integrated Sales and Marketing Cloud with their Microsoft Dynamic GP ERP. 

To know how it helped our client manage campaigns and track lead interactions to drive sales performance, download the detailed customer success story in the link description below. 

How can we help you with your Salesforce requirements?

AppShark is a Gold Level Salesforce Implementation and Solutions partner that has successfully worked on 500 plus Salesforce projects for clients from various industries. 

AppShark understands the soul of Salesforce. This in-depth understanding helps us implement the CRM in the most effective and customized way to suit the needs of our clients. 

We can help you implement and integrate Salesforce the right way in your organization. Contact us at or fill in the form so that a certified Salesforce expert can get in touch with you right away.