Post covid-19 pandemic, the business world is in a state of transition. The pandemic has compelled a shift in customer behavior and most of these behaviors will stay as we move forward. In the last one year or so, businesses have understood that the processes they so heavily relied on are no longer sufficient to address the new challenges in the Covid-19 world.

Today digital is absolutely essential. And that’s why businesses are accelerating their digital transformation programs to digitize their businesses. As a business, if you too are on the fast track to digitally transform your organization then Salesforce can be of immense help to you.

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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of adopting digital technologies like mobile, cloud, IoT, big data, AI, and Machine Learning, etc., to reimagine the way a business operates. It creates new processes, a new culture, and customer experiences. 

Netflix and Uber are good examples of digital transformation of business. Both companies fundamentally changed the way the business was earlier done. Netflix changed the way people watched movies and TV shows. Uber changed the way people would hire a taxi. They created new customer experiences through digital technologies.

Digital transformation is all about customers. Every change you make in your organization is geared towards meeting the needs of the customer and driving her customers. And it’s not easy as customer behavior has significantly changed. Today’s customers are empowered, socially connected, and value experiences.

How Salesforce Can Help You In Your Digital Transformation?

Salesforce offers a range of cloud-based solutions to help digitalize and manage your business operations. Let’s look at some of the key Salesforce products that can fit into your digital transformation project-

1. Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud can help you in the digital transformation of your sales processes. From helping you integrate your onboarding, training, and coaching process for new sales recruits, lead management, invoice generation to sales forecasting, you can manage your entire Sales operations from one platform.

2. Marketing Cloud

As an intelligent marketing automation platform, Salesforce Marketing Cloud takes care of your entire marketing mix. From building customer journeys, email marketing, social media engagement, advertisements to loyalty management, you can handle all that with Marketing Cloud.

3. Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is a cloud-based service management platform that enables customer support teams to easily manage all their work and drive customer satisfaction. The Service Cloud offers many key features including Case Management, Knowledge Base, Process Automation, Telephony Automation, and Dashboards and Data Insights.

4. Community Cloud

The Salesforce Community Cloud helps you build communities for customers, partners, and employees. It offers a range of collaboration tools, engagement features, data sharing, dashboards, and reports to help members of the communities.

5. Salesforce Einstein

Einstein is Salesforce’s AI platform that drives all the Salesforce products and helps organizations build AI capabilities. It allows you to build custom recommendations, embeds predictive analytics in your apps, and use it in your process workflows for automation.

The core areas of digital transformation are technology, data, processes, and organizational change. Salesforce helps you transform your business by helping you integrate technology, data, and processes to build one unified operation. By giving more meaning to your customer data and allowing it to seamlessly flow across your business processes, it brings a data-driven culture. 

  • Personalization- With Salesforce you can create cohesive customer journeys which would see 85% improvement in your marketing campaigns. You can personalize customer interactions by leveraging customer data and automation tools.
  • Collaboration- Salesforce allows tighter collaboration between various departments through seamless data flows and advanced collaboration tools. 
  • Customer Service- Salesforce helps your businesses put customers at the heart of everything. The result, better customer service, elimination of customer pain points, and building customer-centric applications. 
  • User Experience- Salesforce allows you to connect various touchpoints and gather the information that helps you deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Salesforce offers good integration support with all popular systems and applications. This helps you build a connected ecosystem connecting multiple systems and apps. 

We Can Help!

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