Customer satisfaction is getting redefined in the digital age. Pre-digital, customer satisfaction was simple- deliver ‘value for money’ products and be quick in handling their complaints.

What changed?

Today you have demanding and much-informed customers who are in charge of the buying process. You have multiple customer touchpoints- stores, websites, social media- and the customer decides how and when to interact with your business. And he expects a similar experience across the channels. The quality of your product/service and its pricing is still important but customer experience and satisfaction are also key influencers to buying decisions.

Customer Journeys play an important role in enhancing customer experience and satisfaction. While the multiple touchpoints make optimizing the customer journeys challenging, Salesforce Journey Builder with its complete suite of products and solutions makes it easy, fast and scalable.

Why Salesforce Journey Builder For Customer’s Journey?

Salesforce Journey Builder is one of the products of the Marketing Cloud. The Journey Builder makes it easy for Marketers to create cross-device and personalized customer journeys with-

  • Drag and drop interface to create a journey, no coding required.
  • Access to journey templates to help you quickly create journeys.
  • It allows you to harness your customer data from various sources and based on attributes, browsing and buying history to build personalized journeys.
  • Adjust a customer’s path to purchase depending on their current and predicted behavior.
  • Engage your customers across devices and channels
  • Coordinate with marketing, customer support, and other departments to integrate your sales and marketing activities.
  • Real-time data to monitor the performance of your campaigns.

Salesforce Journey Builder allows you to create different types of customer journeys as per your business needs. You can create journeys for onboarding when a customer registers to your website, a re-engagement journey for cart abandonments or when a customer has not visited your website for a long time or a purchase journey for those who have ordered products from your website.

Best Practices For Creating a Journey With Salesforce Journey Builder

  • Set Clear Objectives: It is best to create one customer journey per objective, says reengaging lost customers or cart abandonments. Creating a customer journey with multiple objectives lack focus and personalization necessary to enhance the customer experience.
  • Build Your Content Assets– Keep content like emails, social media posts, and SMS, etc.ready before building a customer journey. Also, ensure that the content is aligned with the market objective set for the journey.
  • Let Data Be Your Guide– Derive all the value you can from your data. With Salesforce, you can connect and share customer data across the ecosystem. Use the data to understand the customer touchpoints and how your customers use all the touchpoints. Apply the insights to build customer journeys and better experiences.
  • Start Small, Build Big– Create journeys with simple and small steps to understand how it works and gather data to check its effectiveness. Use the extracted insights to optimize the customer journey. Start with one touchpoint or objective and then expand to the entire customer touchpoints.
  • Keep Optimizing– Customer journeys need to be regularly optimized to derive the best results. Keep monitoring analytics to identify points where customers are dropping from the journeys or identify opportunities to improve the engagement.

Today, creating an optimized customer journey is essential to provide on-brand, high-quality, engaging experiences at each touchpoint. Salesforce offers a perfect tool in Journey Builder to understand, visualize and create customer journeys across channels. However, building complex customer journeys require product expertise and marketing experience. AppShark has helped several companies in customer journey developments to achieve higher customer retention, conversions, and revenue.  If you are looking for a Salesforce Consulting Partner to help you with customer journey or Marketing Automation, please email to