The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of businesses. Fintech is witnessing a lot of innovation and the introduction of new solutions to help businesses better manage their finances. Bank Connect helps businesses link their bank accounts to Salesforce CRM using Plaid and get all their business transactions across multiple accounts in one place.

Plaid is a technology layer for financial services. The platform helps businesses innovate and build fintech solutions by enabling the integration of their financial data to apps and services. Lots of businesses around the globe use Plaid to create new financial products and services for their customers as well as internal operations. Bank Connect, our latest solution further opens new opportunities for businesses and helps them manage their finances better with the integration of Plaid with Salesforce CRM. 

Why AppShark’s Bank Connect?

Businesses are increasingly going digital and data-driven. From bookkeeping to payroll, business finance processes are complex experiences for employees. There’s a need to free data, especially financial data, from silos and ensure its movement across the organizations. The free movement of data can help a business better leverage its data. Bank Connect by integrating Plaid with Salesforce CRM helps organizations in various ways including-

  • Centralize all their financial data & transactions in Salesforce CRM and better manage finances
  • Get 360-degree visibility of your finances connected to multiple bank accounts
  • Keep track of all banking transactions from one place
  • Opens up new opportunities for companies to build a connected ecosystem by integrating various systems and apps

How Bank Connect Works?

Bank Connect is a simple Plaid Salesforce CRM integration package. Once you install the Bank Connect Salesforce package, it will be available as an app in your Salesforce for easy access to your employees. You can now link your bank account with the app. Bank Connect uses Plaid to link your bank account to Salesforce CRM. You can connect multiple bank accounts. Once you have linked all the bank accounts, you can now view all your financial transactions in your Salesforce CRM account.

Check some of our product screenshots to understand the ease of viewing your bank accounts and transactions with Bank Connect:

Selecting Bank of your choice is made easy with Bank Connect

Login to Bank Connect with your Bank Credentials

Login Easily with your existing Bank Credentials

Bank Transactions Page of Bank Connect

View all the Banking Transactions and Bank Accounts from a single page with Bank Connect

Bank Connect is a highly useful application for all types of businesses irrespective of the domain or industry they operate in. Bank Connect makes fetching of data on depository and credit transactions from multiple bank accounts within a bank very easy. To know more about Bank Connect, click on our product page or fill in a form and one of our consultants will schedule a call with you at the earliest.