Salesforce org Merger and Consolidation

Consolidating existing Salesforce orgs for enhanced overall functionality. 

Managing multiple Salesforce orgs can be challenging for enterprises considering management efforts and cost factors involved. An organization may implement and maintain multiple Salesforce instances for several reasons such as managing multiple business units with each using a separate org, operations in multiple countries, mergers and acquisitions with the other company also using Salesforce. 

Migrating Support org into Sales org and the role of AppShark-

The brand Black Stratus provides reliable and innovative security information event management (SIEM) products and services to MSPs develop and support their new or improve their current security-as-a-service business. Their trusted solutions protect millions of devices and thousands of customers around the globe; are deployed and operated on-premise, in the cloud, or as a service.

The business functioned with two Salesforce Orgs one for customer support and the other for sales and required to migrate their Salesforce support org into their Sales team org. This would help unify their sales data and slowly turn a single Org that can support the functionality of their entire workforce. They also wanted to replace their customer portal in the support Org with Community in their Main Org.

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