Enhancing Operations with Salesforce Service Cloud and FSL Instance

Published on
July 5, 2024
Salesforce service cloud

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About Client

Founded in 1954, our client has earned a reputation for delivering top-tier plumbing products and services to businesses of all sizes. Despite their success, operational challenges have hindered their service team's efficiency.

Problem Statement

The Operations Team utilized Foundation ERP for ticketing, parts tracking, and invoicing. However, the system did not support field technicians, leading to manual, time-consuming processes for updating job status, requesting resources, and communicating with the office.

AppShark’s Solution

AppShark designed and implemented a custom Salesforce Service Cloud and Field Service instance via leveraging the AppShark Connect API that integrates seamlessly with Foundation ERP, enabling technicians to manage their day and communicate via the Salesforce Mobile App. This new configuration allows cases, submitted by email or via the website to flow seamlessly into the system, and the Service Console streamlined case management for dispatchers, enhancing operational efficiency and customer support.

Salesforce solution

Business Outcomes

AppShark’s tailor-made solution has transformed the client’s operations in the following ways

o Improved field service process for operations and technician teams.

o Seamless and real-time communication between the teams.

o Enhanced customer service experience with a 360-degree view of cases.

o Increased customer satisfaction by keeping them engaged during the job process.

o Seamless integration between Field Service and Foundation system for data synchronization.

o Advanced reporting capabilities for data-driven insights and decision-making.

o Increased operational efficiency with optimized workflows and automation.

o Scalable solution that can adapt to future business needs.

o Ongoing collaboration and support from AppShark for continuous improvement.