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AppShark’s Strategic Solution for HR Technology Company

Published on
May 28, 2024

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ClearStar, INC overview:

ClearStar, Inc. is an esteemed HR technology company that specializes in offering comprehensive employment screening services, including background checks, drug screening, and health screening. With its headquarters located in Alpharetta, Georgia, ClearStar has been a pioneer in the human capital management industry since 1995. As a portfolio company of Hanover Investors and a founding member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), ClearStar has consistently delivered cutting-edge technology solutions to businesses in this field.

Operational procedure: 

ClearStar follows a traditional method to generate proposals for its clients. They manually input data from Excel calculations into their proposal documents. This human-powered approach 

involves using formulas to determine profit, employee wages, and other associated costs. 

Context and Challenge:

As a leading provider of modern and technological solutions, ClearStar offers a wide range of services. However, their existing calculation system posed challenges in streamlining their processes. They are as follows:

  • Manual Calculations: 

The client had to perform manual calculations that comprised specified formulae. Executing this non-automated process for each opportunity proved to be a labor-intensive process.

  • Limited Data Accessibility: 

Prior to the implementation of customized templates, accessing the calculated data from the opportunities is challenging. The lack of streamlined data retrieval hindered decision-making and the client’s ability to utilize the data effectively.

  • Complex Case Management:

Due to its diverse client base, ClearStar receives different types of cases. This causes them difficulty in assigning the case to the right point of contact and tracking it in real time.


Also, the organization adopted a manual process of emailing the documents to customers during their proposal and agreement stages. This old-fashioned method costs the organization time and effort resulting in excessive delays.

Appshark’s solution:

Understanding the client requirements, AppShark has crafted tailor-made solutions and integrated Salesforce products with third-party applications. Its custom-built approach includes a user-friendly interface and optimized document management workflow as follows:

Strategic Analysis: Margin Calculator for Informed Pricing Decisions

  • Addressing the client requirements, AppShark has developed a new functionality within Salesforce, Margin Calculator to make strategic decisions and evaluate the profitability of different services. 
  • By entering cost and pricing details, the calculator considers factors like production costs, overhead expenses, and desired profit margins. Therefore, implementing it helps ClearStar analyze pricing, stay competitive, and maintain healthy profit margins.

Integrated Solutions: Simplifying Workflows for Enhanced User Experience 

  • Conga Composer and Conga Sign:
  • The integration of Sales Cloud with Conga Composer and Conga Sign has provided the client with a streamlined solution for generating and automating documents. It enables the company to sign documents electronically, improving efficiency and accessibility while ensuring enhanced security and compliance. 
  • By leveraging the platform's capabilities, the organization can define the specific quotation to be sent to each customer based on the products they are interested in. 
  • Also, this allows for personalized quotations along with customized template types that cater to the unique needs of individual customers.
  • PowerClone:
    • Sales cloud integration with the PoweClone system helps the organization simplify the document cloning process with zero manual effort. It duplicates the documents while retaining the original formatting of the cloned documents, ensuring consistency.

Optimized Case Management:

Appshark has resolved the client's challenge in complex case management by creating different case record types for different cases and implementing Email to Case functionality. 

This functionality allows cases to be directed to specific categories, simplifying tracking and resolution processes for the client.

Organized Insights:

The Salesforce suite of reporting tools is essential in organizing data by presenting it in visual formats and condensed summaries. Generating these Reports and Dashboards empowers the client to analyze data, track progress, identify patterns, foster teamwork, and arrive at informed decisions.

Substantial Benefits:

By providing configuration and integration services, AppShark has helped ClearStar in multiple ways such as:

  • Customized and integrated applications like Conga Composer, Conga Sign, and Power Clone to align with ClearStar's business model.
  • Streamlined document processes, improving overall efficiency.
  • Achieved better data segmentation and user experience through the use of Salesforce record types and layouts.
  • Developed a customized Margin Calculator for accurate margin calculations.
  • Implemented roll-up summaries to automate data aggregation and enhance efficiency.
  • Created reports and dashboards in ClearStar's CRM system for data visualization and informed decision-making.
  • Built a smart case management system with Email-to-case automation for seamless case handling.