An SFDC Approach to Lead Management

Published on
June 28, 2024
Salesforce service cloud

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An Arizona-based frontrunner in the logistics industry delivers exceptional customer services, employing cutting-edge technology, and implementing a distinct management approach. 

Catering to the diverse customer base, the customer relied on inefficient methods like spreadsheets and paper forms to manage their sales process. This manual approach made it hard to follow up effectively, resulting in a low conversion rate. Additionally, the management team lacked visibility into lead statuses and the productivity of their sales team, making it challenging to track progress and make strategic decisions.


In response to the client’s challenge, Team AppShark has implemented Sales Cloud, utilizing its standard features to enhance lead management. Custom fields are configured to capture relevant business information within the Sales Cloud platform. One of the standout solutions implemented was Lead automation, which ensured timely follow-ups and manual credit checks. Reports and Dashboards offered comprehensible visibility of leads, user productivity, and overdue tasks. Additionally, Salesforce timed flows are able to identify untouched leads by making sure that no opportunities are missed.


AppShark's implementation of lead automation proved to be a game-changer for the client. The time-saving feature enabled efficient follow-up with leads, simplifying the entire process and facilitating better data capture. With the end-to-end CRM solution implemented by AppShark, the client experienced a streamlined sales process, leading to improved lead management and effective reporting. The positive outcomes were evident in the form of a higher conversion rate, ultimately contributing to the client's overall success.