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The Fashion Industry thrives with the SFDC

Published on
May 28, 2024

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An Overview of Laine London:

Laine London, a Georgia-based retail apparel and fashion company, is a first-of-its-kind woman-owned rental bridal shop providing a chic, high-end experience at sensible prices. Both savvy and confident women, long-time friends Miriam and Lundyn started Laine London not as experts in the bridal industry, but as brides-to-be who didn't want to spend thousands on a dress they'd only wear once. Having specialized in bridal fashion, retail technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and fashion, the company devised an innovative wedding solution that offers brides the perfect dress, tailored to their needs.


  • Transitioning from a traditional brick-and-mortar store, Laine London expands their online presence by using the Wix website platform. It has set up a website to showcase its products and services.
  • To facilitate appointment scheduling, the organization integrated the Timetap appointment management system into its website. When clients book appointments, Timetap captures the relevant information from clients, including bride details, wedding data, preferences, and contact information.
  • Post appointment schedule, an associate emails a link to the bride, directing them to complete the Jebbit Bridal quiz. This quiz collects comprehensive information about clients' bridal preferences and needs.
  • All data collected from appointments and the Jebbit Bridal quiz is stored in Excel sheets.

 Context and Challenge:

  • Dealing with the copious amount of data, the client intends to import the data from the Excel sheets into their core system, facilitating streamlined data management and analysis.
  • It also aims to leverage the Core platform's capabilities to create personalized messaging and launch targeted marketing campaigns.

But, due to an uncentralized data management system and inconsistent workflow, the client faced the following challenges:

  • Fragmented Data and Communication: 

The absence of a unified interface between the sales and marketing departments led to fragmented data and hampered the communication between the systems.

  • Limitations in Personalization and Targeting:

The ineffective use of captured client data and lack of personalized messages hindered the organization's marketing efforts.

  • Inefficient Customer Service:

Multiple disconnected systems posed challenges for associates, leading to difficulties in delivering efficient customer service for appointments and cases.

Significant Solution:

Addressing the client's challenges, AppShark provided a comprehensive solution that encompassed both the Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Leveraging the expertise, the solution has enabled Laine London to achieve a 360-degree view of its clients, streamline manual tasks for associates, and enhance customer service. 

Service Cloud:

  • Custom Data Model: Serving Laine London's core database, AppShark designed and implemented a custom data model that includes essential data such as accounts, weddings, preferences, appointments, cases, and more, ensuring a centralized and organized system.
  • Integration with External Platforms: Jebbit's integration with Service Cloud via API facilitates smooth data flow into the staging object called 'Quiz.' Appshark's implementation of flow automation ensures synchronization of Quiz data with the core model, incorporating best practices such as rollback mechanisms and fault conditions. 

Additionally, appointment information from Timetap is synced to the Events object using Timetap's Salesforce connector, while a dedicated flow automation syncs this data to the Appointment object, enabling associates to access and work with it more effectively.

  • Streamlined Case Handling: Cases from various sources seamlessly flow into the system to ensure efficient support for Laine London. These sources include the Support Email, Web Contact Form, and Salesforce Chat. An interesting aspect is the use of multiple alias email accounts tailored to different case types such as Appointments, Orders, and Dress Emergencies. By creating multiple email service addresses, emails from the various alias accounts are directed into the Service Cloud and get assigned to the right queue and case type.
  • Customized Service Console: A Service Console has been customized to provide a 360 view of customer-related data that includes weddings, fit preferences, appointments, referrals, etc. This tailor-made solution allows associates to have all the necessary information at their fingertips while working on cases.
  • Einstein Bot: Einstein Bot, powered by AI is implemented to support customers with various tasks such as knowledge base search, issue reporting, case status updates, etc., The bot was extended to the Salesforce Chat on Laine London's website and Facebook channel, providing consistent assistance to customers.
  • Knowledge Base and Analytics: AppShark configured a knowledge base with various FAQs that help both associates on cases as well as customers through Einstein Bot.

Additionally, Analytics reports and dashboards, including Pipeline View, Service Cloud Reports, and Revenue Dashboard, were developed to provide valuable insights.

Marketing Cloud:

  • Integration with Service Cloud: AppShark integrated Marketing Cloud with Service Cloud through Marketing Cloud Connect, enabling data synchronization between the platforms. This integration allowed the utilization of Service Cloud data for SMS and email marketing.
  • Custom Preference Center: A custom preference center using Cloud Pages and AMPscript has been developed that directly retrieves and updates data from the core system. The preference center enabled customers to manage their communication preferences, including newsletters, ensuring accurate and personalized marketing communication.
  • Journey Builder Journeys: AppShark created two Journey Builder Journeys within the Marketing Cloud. One is focused on a top-of-the-funnel experience, leveraging a smart capture form for visitors at a ShowFields pop-up store. The other “journey” is to target post-rental wedding day reminders, ensuring customers receive timely communications.
  • Automation: 

AppShark has automated the following:

  • Refreshing newsletter opt-ins and customer profiles. 
  • Synchronizing phone numbers between Marketing Cloud and the core system. 
  • Triggering welcome emails for onboarding.
  • Integrating Google Analytics for comprehensive tracking and analysis.

AppShark's solution unlocked the full potential of Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud for Laine London, empowering associates, improving customer service, and enhancing marketing communication.

Substantial Results:

AppShark's solution drove remarkable advancements in customer management, marketing tactics, and service features for Laine London, resulting in the following outcomes:

  • Improved data accuracy and integrity through the centralized core database.
  • Increased customer engagement with targeted email and SMS communication.
  • Enhanced customer service experience with a 360-degree view of cases and preferences.
  • Streamlined appointment management for associates across multiple systems.
  • Seamless integration between Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud for data synchronization.
  • Customized knowledge base and FAQ integration for better customer support.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities for data-driven insights and decision-making.
  • Increased operational efficiency with optimized workflows and automation.
  • Scalable solution that can adapt to future business needs and growth.
  • Ongoing collaboration and support from AppShark for continuous improvements.